We found a tiny little movie theater right next to the marina, they show one movie per night, and one of the volunteer operating the cinema that night will introduce the movie in person. There's only a handful of seats. We went to see Triangle Of Sadness(2022) last night, had a blast.

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@neauoire that sounds fantastic...i love small movie theatres! i used to manage a 2-screen in my hometown. the manager was also the projectionist, and did a lot of other jobs as well :)

@bnys nice :) "hold on right here, gotta make some more popcorn"

@neauoire i can see it right now, the next big thing: sail-thru movie theaters

@cblgh we've seen people project movies onto their sails to watch movies

@neauoire @cblgh I'm planning to see it. I love the other one from the filmmaker. I heard i should not watch the trailer from this one, it spoils to much.

@kototama @cblgh yeah it does, just go without knowing what you're going to see. have fun :)

@kototama @cblgh it's the same kind of humour, also I think the directory just likes dragging rich characters into the mud.

@neauoire I have a strong memory of being on Fire Island many years ago, and they'd have #movies friday and saturday evenings. This local kid would sit in front of the theater and play #piano while everyone came in, sat down and settled in. He was amazingly good, and just quietly enjoying playing anything from covers to ragtime to whatever.

Then he'd get up, people clapped, he'd awkwardly shrug and smile and then walk out.

The lights would go down, and the movie would start.

@neauoire Lovely you are still afloat adventuring on the boundless main!

@Shufei SHUFEI! It's so good to see your name again, how have you been? it's been forever!

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