Still messing with 6502. Divided by 8 using LSR, for the first time, today.

Made a little nametable editor to create quick NES backgrounds.

I need a quick nametable editor, it'll be this morning's project.

"A 33’ Jenneau arrived after a non-stop passage from Sendai on the Japan east coast. Kenichi Yamashita, his wife and 2 small children had sailed through a serious typhoon in freezing temperatures, in a very light boat with a bendy rig and a 15’ open cockpit, a real racer. Yamashita is a mountain climber and the yacht was rigged with equipment from this sport. The family were in great shape and looking forward to more adventures"

Woke up, decided to rewrite the assembly collision code. Saved 6 cycles, day made, open the champagne, we'll dance on the roof until sunrise. 💰 🍾 🔥

Most of the time tho, I don't know what the fuck is going on.

I know it's very VERY impressive, but I figured out how to mirror sprites in 6502 asm.

Working with 6502 assembly, made myself a little controller framework/debugger.

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