I don't play video games a lot, but lately I've been loving Inventory Hero.

I got as far as level 79 in one setting last night. 🤦‍♀️

Made a little document reader, felt especially fancy and added annotations.

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Mouse-picking in a proportional font text-area is a problem that just keeps on giving 👍

What I imagine when people say open hardware, but it's never that.

I find myself doing a lot of reading on the computer in the morning over coffee, I normally use Calibre's reader but I'm getting be pretty annoyed at how slow it turns the pages and how some of the type is blurry on the Pinebook.

Figured I might as well make my own, I wanted to have a document viewer on the Playdate anyways.

Okay, this is the last day that I waste on trying to make an app that works on both 4 colors, and 2 colors.

I realized that I couldn't find a way to give button press feedback that work in both mode, so now I'm just shifting the digit up and down, and I don't hate it.

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*works on some task*
*needs to quickly translate a number to binary for the task*
*implement binary display*
*resumes task*

Wasting way too much time on this silly thing, but I've added a monochrome(f5) to uxnemu so I could test output on arduboy/playdate degradation.

Added d-pad controls to my little RPN calculator, made a b&w mode so I can load it up on the playdate.

Ha! Running cli on the Arduboy was a piece of cake. I've had an arduino many years ago and didn't do much at all with it, I've only just realized that it was basically C.

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