His apartment evacuation, he continued, “was just a preview of what was to come.” After the avalanches, the town found that nearly 140 residences were in an avalanche danger zone, as were university dorms and tourist hostels. “Suddenly, you're talking about housing for about 20 percent of the population wiped out,” Sabbatini said. “All due to climate. That's just staggering.”


Updated Nasu with a little feature request, an outline around the zoomview and canvas.


You can now capture the emulator pixels with caplock+h.

Trying that "living on land" that everyone keeps talking about.

Closed a hole under the waterline for the first time! This was our trial hole, now we have 5 more to do.

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We hit a long patch of calm before getting strong wind in the face(almost pushing us on the reef), during the long flat calm, we rowed the boat for hours and hours. We found a good setup that allowed both of us to row and steer at once.

I'm going to need to reinforce the oar covers if we're to go down this route tho.

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