Does anyone have an example of a FPS written in with source code available? I need to look at something.

Felix Winkelmann implemented a standard , in .

It works amazingly well, it even supports the full Varvara APIs, so it can be used to draw shapes and play music!


I wonder what the most intricate graphical applications are..

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Wow, running on . Virgil did that in what, a week, what the heck, this is sick.

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The port of is done! Gonna take that for a spin, and possibly wrap this into a nice little graphical terminal for hacking.

Today the VM added a new opcode. The old NOP was replaced with the primitive nip ( a b -- b)

It's a great tool for converting a shorts into bytes. Instead of a "DUP switch" to test for key presses, you can create a new operator:
%!~ { NEQk NIP }

"Everyone in the community talks about how easy it is to port Forth to a new CPU. But like many "easy" and "obvious" tasks, not much is written on how to do it! So, when Bill Kibler suggested this topic for an article, I decided to break with the great oral tradition of Forthwrights, and document the process in black and white."


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