A bunch of folks are working together to build a boot.rom for that would serve as a launcher for when no rom is loaded through the terminal.

Updated , writing to the Screen device's width/height ports actually resizes the window, so you can create applications with specific sizes if they're designed to be used through an emulator.

Finished migrating my wiki to 8-bit stack machine assembly. The trick was to design file formats that would make it easier to manipulate large files with only 64kb of memory. Once I had that figured out, it went fairly smoothly.

source: paste.sr.ht/~rabbits/d3761aeed

A little static site generator in .

I'd love to port my wiki to assembly at some point. I've gathered the know-how, now I only need to gather the courage to actually do it..

Spent the morning writing a J1 cpu emulator, learnt a bunch of things, brought these new ideas to this afternoon.

Wow, running on . Virgil did that in what, a week, what the heck, this is sick.

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The port of is done! Gonna take that for a spin, and possibly wrap this into a nice little graphical terminal for hacking.


Trying to center some text in ? If you're looking for a strlen() function:

Differentiating the game modes by changing the palette in our little kana learning game.

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Made a linter for assembly. It catches a few basic lacking optimization and arithmetic on static values.

So, @alderwick has started implementing Varvara()'s PPU on the . Not fully working yet, but it's getting there.

This is likely the first emulator implementation on there.

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To ensure that can live on z80/6502 platforms, the MUL/DIV opcodes are on their way out.

I've replaced every instance in Left and Nasu with bitwise arithmetic.


Next up, Orca and Noodle.

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