Ha! Running cli on the Arduboy was a piece of cake. I've had an arduino many years ago and didn't do much at all with it, I've only just realized that it was basically C.

Native live rom assembly/loading in , no changes to the emulator! No more having to rebuilt the project, it'll make iterating much faster.

If you're learning and have any questions, don't forget to use the forums instead of emailing me with questions, that way anyone can also learn from your questions.


I'm in love with the beauty of this line.

I do a non-destructive compare between the bounds of a for-loop with the iterator(0), and if they're equal, I skip the for-loop altogether.

It's raining today, wasn't sure what to do so I went ahead and finished the implementation of minesweeper.rom(3.2kb). Then I thought maybe adding theme support might be fun, and yes, I should have had it from the beginning.


I've been dealing with a lot of spritesheets and image files lately. I wrote a little image-viewer that let's me look at chr and icn files quickly.


Every week, I figure out more of the missing blocks to have Hiversaires running on .

I'm not there yet, but I found a scheme to create a single oversized rom containing all the assets of game and unpack them on load to make them usable.

For games like Oquonie or Hiversaires, which have large assets, I'd like to still distribute a single .rom file, I'm not interested in having like 10 "disks" in a zip file sort of deal.

After a week of work, lots of head scratching, I've managed to draw all these different-looking menus, with a single file that is shared by these different projects.

The menu drawing code has no actual drawing code, but instead uses each app's own string drawing routines.


A Gameboy and Gameboy Color emulator for !
Takes an hour to render the mandelbroth, haha.

It's done.

Now all that's left is to display the shortcuts to the right of the label names, make pretty and optimize.

It'll be a 900-ish bytes library that I can include in each project and instantly get menus with self-documenting features.

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I've implemented the app manifest in , which effectively blocks me from sneaking undocument features since the key handlers MUST go through the menu tree.

Upon launching any app now, it will print the manual in the console, next step will be to draw the menu tree inside the application and make it navigable, a-la Macintosh.

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Revamped the cheatsheet, to cover most things about programming. If you familiarize yourself with what's on that page, you should be alright to write decent little programs.


Felix Winkelmann implemented a standard , in .

It works amazingly well, it even supports the full Varvara APIs, so it can be used to draw shapes and play music!


I see a bunch of the Japanese-speaking MSX scene noodling around with these days, and some of them are complaining that the Google Translation of the documentation is utterly undecypherable.

That's a problem.

I've done a bit of a revamp to the Uxntal documentation based on some feedback I've received today with the hopes of approaching something like a freeze of the core specs.


Gonna try to wrap up the documentation and tooling in the next few days and announce core freeze.


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