I'm giving a talk on some tooling philosophy things and I was thinking about calling the talk "Vanilla Flavoured Dogfood"


@minikomi We're looking for some bike rentals or people to borrow bikes from, any idea?

@cblgh X1
@bronwenalexina X2

@joshavanier We took the train after all, we might have missed the meet up otherwise. Maybe on the way back.

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@cancel That would be amazing : > Looking forward to see you again.

@minikomi Yeah I figured maybe you were working during the day. Well, we might stick around there for a while :) We'll have our bikes.

@minikomi Timeout for coffee in the morning, 9am. 5-6pm at PicoPico

We're all meeting up at Timeout Cafe tomorrow morning at 9am.
Join us :)

Back in Tokyo.
Can't wait for the Merveilles meet up tomorrow.

@minikomi Ended up taking the shinkansen. We're in Shibuya now :)

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