My body doesn't react well to diet changes but since the start of this month I've been eating vegitarian.

After cutting down on meat to pretty much zero last year, I stopped all together at new year. I still have dairy but that will probably change at some point as well, if I can get used to soy milk.

Diet is probably the biggest thing you can change about yourself, outside of physically modding your body, and it's difficult to do but it feels rewarding no matter how long it takes.

@nikivi super cool, it was nice to hear your voice and see your workflow.

Starting to utilize my wiki by improving access to it via a workflow. Parsing over 7k links in Go. ✨

@cancel there are a couple of letters that don't have examples yet, I'm hoping to complete the alphabet soon.

@cancel the example files in the orcajs repo are good, they're all working. You could point to that, no need to duplicate them.

@roadriverrail ah! In that case yes, that is OAM. I just wasn't familiar with the term yet.

@roadriverrail What's OAM? I just created 9 sprites and animate them with 3 timers

@roadriverrail Using loops to iterate over sprites doesn't come naturally to me yet, so I write a lot of code that could be condensed into a loop. I just need to improve my practices, it'll come.

I have to learn how to use loops better in 6502.

@xj9 @grainloom @leip4Ier @daughter I haven't bothered but if you ever get to it, let me know. I could serve that for people who haven't whitelisted the domain yet.

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