This is a loop of ten randomly selected functions

XOXO is happening during my birthday. Let's party I guess?

J’ai mis à jour ma page sur l'Urgence Climatique, suite à la déclaration du Canada.
Et son renoncement? foutage de gueule? ignorance totale? le lendemain, quand Trudeau a annoncé l'extension d'un pipeline pour transporter du pétrole de sables bitumés.

Just received some pictures from home, where a package is awaiting me 🤩

Thirteen people attended! I was blown away that so many people would show up on a weeknight to connect with others artists and coders. What a fascinating time.

I had trouble facilitating a large group, because I felt like I was expected to have something planned and I _really_ had nothing!

Iwant to read good cyberpunk fiction in the vein of neuromancer. What is your fav ?

@drisc it's kind of silly, it's like "if there's more leading space then the previous line, then it's a child."

@neauoire @gaeel @ragekit like, what's the point of a bridge if it only goes one way

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