@cancel @cblgh that's how I see, I've been reading a lot about 6502 implementations of forth and it's so simple and elegant. It really has the clarity of lips, only moreso.

@cblgh No, no. I've been on that side of the fence myself just a few days ago. You will eventually see the light I'm sure.

@JonathanPires boosting a toot shares it on your feed, so anyone who follows will see it in their home feed.

@JonathanPires It's one of the best anime ever made. I recommend reading the books too, they're incredible.

The color palette for #Overworld is taken from an obscure Japanese PC game `The Portopia Serial Murder Case`. The moment I saw the chromatic aberration on the text I was in love.

#indiedev #gamedev #indiegame

@james ah! thanks. By broken, you mean there's a typo? Or is the page actually broken?

@GustavinoBevilacqua no, I'm looking to replace the Sinclair picture on that page with something I have permission for.

Does anyone here have Sinclair scientific calculator and a good camera?

Holy shit, there's a bunch of people with QAnon signs walking right by our boat


@royniang I could rename LIST to DICT, and print them with <dl><dd> instead.

@royniang oh that's a good idea, want me to do it or do you wanna do it?

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