@nff @sejo @alderwick yeah, or your could use something like stdin/stdout, I think that's polled faster than the fps.

@sejo @nff @alderwick there are no interrupts in uxn, the next frame will be delayed if the previous vector is not complete

Gonna start saving pdf copies of online essays to be more resilient to link rot

@sl I've considered the problem a bit, and it's too hard to articulate online, sorry :(

@nff @chirrolafupa I never had to make applications as complex as that so I might not be the best person to ask, maybe @alderwick has some ideas on this too.

@tendigits I think I might have decided that my prompt for everyday will be 'mushrooms'

@sl in Finite and Infinite Games, there's this quote I like on this topic "Those who must play, cannot play."

@sl in that case, people who are willing to learn should be taught, people who don't shouldn't be required to use technology that can be subverted to constrict their freedom if that's important for them.

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@ritualdust c'est clair - je vais regarder de mon bord j'ai encore des contactes qui bosse en web a montreal, peut-etre qu'il y a des ouvertures.

Cogites sur une maniere de t'extraire de ton landlord entre temps

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@ritualdust Oh shit :( Sorry to hear. I hope you find something soon

@sl I don't think I can give you a satisfying answer in 400 characters, or any number of characters.

You're asking me "what to do with individuals", sounds like you're asking me how to rule over people. Sounds like it's already backward by the 5th word into that sentence.


@0gust1 I wonder if this is really justifies buying new unrecyclable electronics. There has to be better alternatives to "software does too much", and "I sit at a computer all day" than buying new gear..

*slaps roof of dense forest* this bad boy can fit so many fungi in it

@xj9 the two take downs I did happened after the pieces were sold, so it was just removing the page that kept a db record of the sale on the opensea site, it didn't void anything really.

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