We're leaving Japan in the morning, to sail across the North Pacific ocean to Vancouver Island. We will be at sea for the next 7 weeks. You can track our position here:

Oh shiiiit, we were not planning on leaving tomorrow but suddenly this morning, we decided to try, so we've been running around all day like crazy, and we're casting off tomorrow morning!

Last evening in Japan, we'll say good bye to our friends and finish sorting out the boat, omg.

@neauoire looks a lot like a bird with blue dreads to me!!

@lunchgirl yeah I know, I recognized the youtube thumbnail haha. It's perfect

@lunchgirl I actually have not! I will grab a mobi from libgen :)! thanks for the reminder.

@faun I have it, I've given up twice on this already. But I'll bring it along, just in case.

@faun thanks! Added to reader, I've been meaning to read anything by Ord for a while :tealheart:

@glyph I'm sure you must have but in case you haven't:

Have you read mushroom at the end of the world?

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