@ragekit staying in vancouver for a few days before heading to Montreal.

@ragekit C'est un peu un melange des deux, y'a bcp d'entries que j'ai ecrit, de definitions et collections de bookmarks.

Some days I can't shake the fact that HN is a hive of capitalist degeneracy run by a company that represents much of what I hate in the industry

was talking to a friend earlier about what freesoftware can learn from the vegan movement and we were throwing the idea of "freeing" proprietary software in the same way vegans free farm animals.

got me thinking about a militant free software group that hacks/engineers their way to adobe's source code repo, copies/backdoors it , gtfo of America and then releases it to the world

I would lowkey almost join something like this, but I would love to read/write stories along these lines

so i started lurking this hong kong forum and stumbled upon this thinktank by google called jigsaw.google.com/ made to address geopolitical issues around the world. They made a pretty cool fork of shadowsocks called Outline getoutline.org/en/home

@maxdeviant set your phone/computer to japanese and listen to japanese TV.

@cblgh @ckipp @joshavanier I used to have a list like that but mostly just ignored it, I use a kanban system on trello for general tasks, and repo issues for more immediate things.

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