ahhh it's on the #hundredRabbits account! I was looking for it at your personal repos yesterday. :)

code: github.com/hundredrabbits/Pood
live: hundredrabbits.github.io/Poodl

I'll have to connect a keyboard and mouse to my phone tomorrow to try it fully out. :)
If I find time to actually sit behind my computer and code, I might also see if I can add some touch controls to it.

@FiXato yup! just check the noodle repo and replace n with p :)

seeing @neauoire playing sunvox reminded me that warmplace.ru made one of my favourite projects ever, the quantum vj:


so I'm away from here for 3 days and merveilles is all linux and css themes now huh?

@s_ol It was a low stakes gamble, my thinking was that I could build something and relearn in less than the amount of time I was wasting working with the previous workflow ✊

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