@loke It's my main focus at the moment, it's changing a lot as I'm migrating my toolchain to it.

My main goal at the moment is to write a text editor and hex editor for Uxn, so I can start modifying Uxn from within itself.


@loke No I don't think so, it's very new. I don't know anything about hardware. If you're interested in minimal stack-machines, this could be a fun project :)

@chotrin well, the keys are:

0x01 Ctrl 0x10 Up
0x02 Alt 0x20 Down
0x04 Backspace 0x40 Left
0x08 Return 0x80 Right

So, diagonal up-right is
10010000, implementing go to cursor is a bit harder if you have collisions.

@chotrin that would be pretty easy, even in its current state. The dev/ctrl device works EXACTLY like the NES controller. 1 byte, contains the state of 8 control keys.

@chotrin there's only 2 draw routines, a pixel or a chr, everything is implemented in Uxn itself. It's fast enough for that :D

@exquisitecorp Yeah! That's an excellent place to start, I followed that tutorial when I built Gyo(wiki.xxiivv.com/site/gyo.html)

I find that a better, more visual explanation of VMs is this one: fabiensanglard.net/another_wor

@chotrin It's really coming together now, I can't wait to complete the docs and have you try it out. Two or three weeks and I should have a complete workstation.

Implemented a basic "disk" util to Uxn that lets me save/load files to the host machine.

That means I can basically live in UxnOS while I work, then save and version the exported files in Unix space without the fear of wiping out the VM's memory.

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