@mrus I'm not good enough with linux to set this stuff up. Last time I tried I had to do a fresh install after fucking everything up.

Just tested our aneroid barometer, using a sealed plastic bag. The idea is that if you seal it in with a pocket of air, and press on the bag, if the unit isn't faulty, the needle will move clock-wise as the pressure within the bag changes.

I was worried it wasn't working, am glad it's fine~!

Here's my collection of Hundred Rabbits models I've made :)

@xj9 @syntacticsugarglider @georgia If it works on APE perfectly then don't bother. I messed with forth on plan9 a lot, and I just ported things to the point where it would compile for APE and that was good enough for me.

@xj9 @syntacticsugarglider @georgia my advice is just to rebuild for plan9 native if it's just little changes or a non gui tool. Depends what you need too-

@syntacticsugarglider Sorry for butting in, which c99 feature do you need on plan9?

"Simplicity is a great virtue but it requires hard work to achieve it and education to appreciate it. And to make matters worse: complexity sells better"

Edsger W. Dijkstra

Modeled this character from a character sheet @rek uploaded a while ago. I tried to follow it as close as possible and get all the gradients, stretchy hands and paper thing disc thingy. Included a drawing from the 100r blog as the background and music by @neauoire made in Noton :audio:

Added themes support to the SDL versions of tools. Went with something like, if there's a theme file in the folder, then load it. So I can set themes per projects.

@neauoire @aynish riding the line between “more words count less” and “I love making things!”

Embodied energy.

I've been thinking about (and with) this concept for a while without having a name for it. Glad to have found one.


@cblgh I also use it as a random pastebin from time to time >__>

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