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I have this habit of like, a week into a transoceanic sail, to realize that I've committed my twitter public key to a repo, or like, broken an itch build before leaving — Only to realize it at a moment when I cannot fix it for a few weeks.

I feel a tiny bit more confident this time that Orca/Dotgrid/etc.. will not be totally broken for more than 50% of the people while I'm away.

I guess I've tied up loose ends, downloaded podcasts and books, enough to last me the trip north. Only thing is wait, enjoy Majuro.

I'm free. I'm taking the day off.

A friend of mine took a photo of me explaining my game to someone and it's aesthetic af

Last internet day, anyone has some classics/calibre book suggestions I should bring with me for the 3 weeks passage?

.mobi format

A lot of the usual suspects are already in - Satie, Nancarrow, minimalism, Deep Listening, Eno, Scanner, industrial, microsound, black MIDI, ambisonics, algorave - but what else?

@neauoire Massive airplane hangar, pitch black with smoke and lazer lights. In the middle of it stands Pino, secured on stilts, full height, sails up with lazer lights illuminating the space from the top of the mast. You are on deck, DJing with live visuals projected onto the sails only. People make waves with their hands to the beat of your music.

Is it possible to send UDP to a RPi in gadget mode..?

Spending some time in between classes to work on Audela in the library. For some reason, GitHub is blocked here lol

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