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Verreciel back in 2016.
It was more of a survival game, you had to manage oxygen and stuff.

Verreciel only gets to still exist because of @rezmason btw, he single-handedly ported it from Swift to JS.

aaah I was just reminded that if you want to erase your verreciel game, you route your helmet port into the hatch and jetison yourself out into space XD..

Game has so much depth haha

Added a little neralie/arvelie time easter egg to the console in Verreciel.

Verreciel is strong up to Usul sector(75% of the game) then it becomes just bad. I need to fix that segment of the game.

Take clumsy, ignored implementations of forgotten ideas and make the less clumsy version of them that the first attempt couldn't have possibly been.

Should include websites that have primarily non-english content?

New Plan for Reawakening My Bilingualism:

- Extensive Audio Input
- Basic Grammar Review
- Speed Runs through Basic Courses
- Start reading books and stories

*Focus on reinforcing connections between Spanish and English that are non-existent.

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