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I am a big supporter of Small Tech: three line shell scripts, gopher holes, when websites render properly on a VIC-20, building your new PC tower out of the 10 year old PCs your neighbours recently discarded, solving your own problems without worrying about scale.

@yhancik "a single xml or sqlite file" i definitely want something that stores the data in some hand-editable text format :/

I'm still pissed about the destruction of the Library of Alexandria.

For the 20th birthday of the Dreamcast, a reminder that it could be used as a Linux machine.

@flip I have a journal prompt which I reuse often:

What are you grateful for?
What are you looking forward to?
What do you want to fix?

Get yourself a union.

Pictured: Emma Kinema of Game Workers Unite. #XOXOFest

Do you have a journaling template to share?

Powell's bookstore in Portland is AH-mazing.

Bought Jenny Oddell's book "How to do nothing". Was hard to pick one book, for a while I had "Mycelium Running" & "The hidden life of trees" in hand. Ah well, only space for one book.

I've removed google tracking from my website.

ok we are reforming and fleamarketing NOW in cityLAB berlin, platz der luftbrücke 4, come over!

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