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I just added a page to my website showcasing the languages I know and how much I enjoy using them.

Too lazy to really work on anything today so I'm procrastinating by redesigning my site's footer lol

Doing a test fit of my new (smaller!) modular synthesizer case. Waiting on the power supply still, but really excited to make music again soon!

Also excited that this one will travel very easily.

Revisiting and relearning Orca by building ternary logic gates

OR gate (right) is suboptimal
AND gate (left) is a hack xD

Someone bought a bunny for their kid after spending a while following mine and is now asking for help because of how it's behaving

I have literally spent 6 years loudly telling people DON'T GET A BUNNY like it's literally one of the big social media agendas I have ffs

Speaking of rainbow shapes, check this out! 🌈🔬

Nerilso G. Bocchi and Romeu C. Rocha-Filho, at the Federal University of São Carlos, have translated my reproduction of J. F. Hyde's spiraling Periodic Table into Portuguese, and made it into a


to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Mendeleev's table. 🍾

And they did a super good job too! One of them has got SERIOUS vector graphics chops. It was probably a pain in the butt to do! I'm super impressed.

Lately, my days are like, coffee, work, lunch, walking in the woods for 4 hours, dinner, red wine & BBC Countdown.

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