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@neauoire In these places where life is sometimes simpler than we think.Warmth, friends and happiness. It was an unforgettable moment.

Two more days before heading to berlin, I'm almost done with the show. I've never been so last minute before :/

@neauoire the only data storage I've come across that lasts is m-disk (designed to last for 1000 years). The laser physicaly alters the substrate when it writes so it's really only good archival purposes

I think algorave/livecoding culture and footwork/juke are the things that completely changed my life, the idea of combining the two was for me a revelation

A recent exploration on documentation + paragraph and code block search.

R into U step is for instant percussion solos, it seems better to me than just random triggering

Joined the #solarpunk Facebook group.

Realised very shortly after joining that the phrase "#solarpunk Facebook group" is kind of an oxymoron

@neauoire I briefly showed Orca to my students when I told them about about OSC a couple of weeks ago ;)

It's important to have realistic transition goals

@neauoire why do I suddenly feel so sad after reading that

the berlin show is in 5 days, maybe I should start skinning the sampler software..

I was the Last Human Being Without Windows 95. And now this little man from Microsoft was at my door, and he wouldn't take no for an answer.

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