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I see a trend of getting rid of CSS, going with minimum to no javascript and I'm tempted to try it!

I think I finally understand how the nametable attributes work.

Honk seems like an interesting fedi thing. It's written in Go so a Plan 9 port might be feasible? (but possibly unadvised)

What's the least resource-intensive fediverse platform?

Whenever I talk to people about adding solar to their house they always gripe about recouping the cost of them before they move or need replacing.

If they move couldn’t they just, like, take them with them? And if the area is good they will get enough use out of them that they save on grid power and can probably sell some back even for a low rate which offsets things even more.

Got Orca talking to Yoshimi, looks like a nice synth. Thanks for the tip @sigrid

Finally got a chance to wrap myself in some Orca (for the first time) and yoshimi tied together, lots of fun!

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