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@inkrunner I'm using Basilisk II!

Look on these sites and you'll find pretty much everything.

Even though I have to confess I upgraded to System 7.5.5 because I can't cope with 7.5.3's menus that require you to keep the mouse button pressed... That UI was good only with the Apple Mouse :'D

Ok today : Elementary OS here i come !

I was sharpening the anchor, and I kind of got lost in the moment for a bit.

Now the anchor is as sharp as a clever and polished as stainless steal.

i dont have a vr headset to play half-life alyx so instead i'm watching The Cell (2000)

our first plan was to get @whtrbt to sail us home, but he didn't have a few months to spend unfortunately

I have a question for performing musicians but I'm not entirely sure how to phrase it properly.

So a lot of you have had paying gigs cancelled from the current crisis, and have had them replaced with free unpaid livestreams.

I've always thought that albums were not the main income, but an invitation to get people to come to paid shows. But with albums devaluated, and live shows devaluated, what do you do?

Someone asked me to do another free liveshow again yesterday, and I'm a bit confused?

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