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Added some more stuff on learn-orca! This part on percussion is pretty fun I think

Also added a link for people using no script so you can read the static version.

On the technical side of art, exercising control is a fundamental skill. Especially with digital medium, the computer offers so many shortcuts, and knowing when to put in the extra effort to achieve the effect you want is really important.

I'm having one of those moments when I feel like computers are just incredible things.

An old Japanese man came walking by, smoking his cigarette, by the peer where I was skating. Just looked over the railing at the sunset, and said "Bliss isn't"


Updated the webring to work entirely without javascript, added feed filtering in CSS!

I had to scratch my head a bit for this one..

PSA: Don't forget to keep your medkit topped up with plasters so you don't have to bleed all the way to town when you hurt yourself.

The programme's ground breaking feature was the live transmission of computer software, in those days personal computers stored their data on audio cassettes at data rates of a kilobit per second or so, which meant the data could be played over AM medium wave and VHF FM transmitters and be directly loaded into home PCs

You’re listening to the Datarama show on Radio West and partaking in the UK’s first attempt to send a computer program over local radio. Joe Tozer, who co-hosted the show, recalls how it all began: “I think it was just one of those ‘ping!’ moments when you realise that the home computer program is just audio on a cassette, so why not transmit it over air? It just seemed a cool idea.”

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