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@royniang everything I make big changes to oscean I'm like, shiiiiit Roy's gonna be pissed

If I understand Xanadu correctly, its environmental footprint at scale, would be devastating.

I hope I'm misunderstanding its inner workings.

I've given a honest shot a trying to understand the Xanadu documentation but I don't understand any of it.

Can someone explain to me like I'm a child, how two-way links are supposed to work, be stored?

me: "haha the collapse amirite"
friend: "??"
me: "oh wow"

Seems like I'll probably have to start looking for a new job in 3/4 months time, but everything in Berlin look so.... boring? I'm not sure what to do. Wonder if I can just retreat into the hills and dispense mushroom-based wisdom to people from a cave

@Sandra @neauoire @dualhammers @clacke

imagine a world where any time anyone complained about imagemaps we got a new imagemap creation framework

there's something deeply ironic(?)(funny?) about people asking on fedi if twitter is down

@cancel Exploring ways to be less wasteful with my strings like we talked yesterday, trying to figure out how this really works right now..

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