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Made sweet and sour lentils for lunch today, but used sprouted lentils instead!


Sprouted lentil version:
I cut my vegetables real small (tiny cubes) so they'd cook fast, browned them in a pan with oil. When veggies were done, added sprouted lentils, cooked the mixture for 2-3 min, and finally added the sauce, mixing everything well and cooking the mixture for another minute or so to allow the sauce to thicken :>.

I have builds for Orca, Noton, Dotgrid, Nasu & Moogle in a folder, they're all the tools I use to do audio/visual works at the moment, and altogether they are 98kb.

@chirrolafupa Remembering my childhood BBS... we were allowed to log on for 1 hour per day. I planned my 1 hour carefully before I actually clicked "Connect".

i guess it makes sense to have a gemini/gopher server with specific "hours of operation"?

unlearning the "always online" paradigm

time :) I'm an , , (like, actually, professionally). I am learning more about how to fix and build things, and continuing to play and create using free and open software.

Rope came! Yellow for the jib sheets, black for the main sheet, white for the vang, red and blue for the reefs. Halyards are a whole 'nother story.

@ritualdust the new picture for your About post is siiiick, holy crap.

something happened when I let go of the cynical parts of me.

Should we make a instance wide event for the holidays? Like get a Ultima Online shard up or maybe a second life meetup or something? Any idea?

I'm so grateful for this place. Thanks @somnius for making it possible. :tealheart:

@neauoire I've been there! You just... uh... take the... um... I think, maybe, if you take the express?

@rek, @neauoire Thank you! These stickers are absolutely lovely!

(so lovely, in fact, that my wife has appropriated these for herself, I'll be sending for more promptly.)

@neauoire @cancel and, i am not so sure roy is interested in alternatives in retrospect, that was an assumption that i made which i think was wrong.

Her Merv, have a 2008 macbook pro here, the first gen of their "unibody" design.
Dead battery, no OS. Otherwise fully functional. What would you do with it?

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