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Hey Merveilles folks! I'm going to be rebooting the instance since I haven't in a while after upgrading. Should be just a few seconds of an outage.

See you all in just a bit! Thanks :D

succumbing to riotous demand, i threw up a 'wiki' or more accurately personal garbage heap nightmare site

i wrote a static site generator for this which is just a makefile an a script for ssam

everything on there rn is just some junk i made to make sure it was above a certain threshold of broken and i never really intended people to look at it but you can now if you want some incomplete things

creating a new genre of video game where the character walks to the left

There’s something deeply ironic about fossil energy production infrastructure having to adapt to the extreme weather that resulted from the unwillingness to transition said infrastructure in an attempt to prevent #globalWarming.

Re-worked the aesthetics of my site based on a book design I ran into a few years ago during a trip to Montreal.
Many, many more things to do, but it's going somewhere.

Rekka is learning Morse, and all I hear from the headphones is like BEEEP BEP BEP BEEEP BEP BEEEP

@neauoire @eris a different sort of model around like, community introspection that i really like is the rules that recurse center has:

it definitely serves a different purpose than the rules outlined in the OP, and maybe is better suited to a physical space, but i liked it for a general sense of like "before you say something - what are your motives? are they hurtful?" with a built-in concept of healing after mistakes

Tried rephrasing so it's less confusing, and removed the big typo that everyone was pointing out ..

A forest buried by man, man buried by forest.

Location: 10 kilometre exclusion-zone. Pripyat, Ukraine. 2019

Storing the screen's color palette in memory, so each rom can set its own color theme, and change it during runtime.

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For every NFT you bid on, I'm personally going to make your lava pool in hell 10º hotter.

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