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@neauoire @xiroux very weird how, in 13 years of using and advocating for FLOSS, I never thought of wording it that way: “the right to repair software”. I think it is a way more effective argument and realistic/achievable action than “the right to create a modified version or to add a new feature”.
Love it, thanks!

@alderwick I'll try implementing 2 opcodes for lits and see how that works out

Crossing Europe on inland waterways, 8km/hour on a refurbished Lifeboat from a Scottish oil platform.

#boatingeurope would I recommend a live aboard lifeboat for adventures?

With good ballast and a safe weather window you can do coastal hopping. The boats are "safe" for the sea but can get VERY bouncy with stuff crashing about in swell and waves. They are slow but efficient so have to work with the tides and wind and not go agenst them. With the bigger lifeboats' height is a BLOCK on cruising with low bridges on small canals.

Randomly decided to look at the Beksinski website today and found this piece titled Quarantine. One of my favorite artists. Also seems to be a bunch of things I've never seen on there before. Wish I could go to visit the museum in Poland.

@alderwick I've swapped the vol/pitch ports for the audio device, so we don't need to write volume all the time. Writing the pitch is now the trigger port.

Can now turn the knobs on the 8Bit DAW written for a stack-machine.

Will we be able to show our grandchildren how did old stuff work, or “Cannot connect to server” will be the only message that will be displayed?

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