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He was one of the first survivalist sailors we encountered, I remember him saying "I'm stocking up for the water wars!", that had left a strong impression.

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One guy in particular, we remember him but we were sure he had forgotten about us(just two randos among many), he came to see us today, he did remember us, he showed us his (incredible) sailboat, and gave us some tips on doing fiberglass repairs.

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It's nice to be back to the same small town where we started sailing, I remember a lot of old mariners looking at us "leaving for Japan!" with a worried look on their faces, it's fun to see them again, it's great to catch up in the boat yard.

Down the Rabbit Hole — The Battle of May Island

The British Royal Navy's WW1 submarines. The greatest threat wasn't from enemy vessels. The greatest thread was from their own.

I'm going to start using my blog as an extended bookmark collection, which solves two problems at once for me: Where to keep my bookmarks, and how to cultivate a digital garden.

Finished off this step stool. Slanted dovetails were a bit to get my head around and I actually made a mistake of the second set. Oh well - lots learned and works as intended; helping little people get a little bit higher up.

Mostly reclaimed pine, all cut by hand. Just wood and glue and oil and time.

It's a good day for a Wiki spree

it's always a good day for a Wiki spree

Green skills: The knowledge and abilities needed to develop and support a sustainable and resource-efficient society, such as recycling, permaculture gardening, sustainable food production, ecological construction, maintenance and renovation.

for those here who have a system setup, what is your workflow like?

do you manually create all the files and just search through your files when you want to use a [[wiki link]]?

I'm trying to get backlinks in jekyll on github pages so that I have some system for linking pages together, but I would really like to use a wiki links style system where I can link to existing files and create new files as I write.

Currently I just have a bunch of files linking each other

I've been having what appears to be success with a Zettelkasten (using Emacs/Obsidian). Anyone else out there Zettelkasting?

@viznut it's great to find you here, I'm a big fan of your writings 👋

Made a page on my website for my tool chest project, I'll update it as I go and share more details about how I'm building it :)

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