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*glances at that bullshit thread against forth*

"What the fuck.."


Here's a very nice sailing blog, it seems like we'll be trying his way for insulation the v-berth after all.

I came across @neauoire 's stuff on and now I'm taking sailing lessons. *boggle*

frankly i think cis people should go get their gender markers changed to X en masse so we can just get rid of the field in 5 or 10 years

Now, I'll build a way to lock the jars in place, and fix that whole thing under the sinks.

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And so the Rust clique descended upon my mentions.

Victoria, BC 🇨🇦


In Uxn, there's no sense of a "for-loop", or "while-loop" per say, but they do exist within the possible combinations of opcodes. It's nice to see these patterns emerge from time to time.

( I've named the labels &loop and &while to make it explicit that one does not expect a range. )

Wished all sailboats were sold with good insulation >_<, like most narrowboats.

It is such a pain to think of having to do that after everything is built-up around the hull.

Back in New Zealand, we tried insulating the boat. We did a pretty poor job, and so we've stripped it all off, and are trying again..

inventor of glass: allow me to present my newest material, glass!

audience: wow an unbreakable transparent material!

inventor: oh no, it's extremely breakable

audience: ..

inventor: shatters into hundreds of dangerous shards at the slightest drop

audience: ...

inventor: you'll spend hours trying to find them all

Discovered this service recently, a finger-based social network


If you need a finger client and have rustc installed, you can use this:

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