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Busy day today, talking at the Emily Carr University of Art & Design, and Electronic Instrument Design for AES 151.

My netradio show Peripheral Vision, about the UK label Ghost Box, is live in 15 mins (Mon 12:00-13:00).

It’s a nice feeling to notice how you’ve changed over the years, how you’re not stuck in one frame of mind, one ideology, one passion...
There’s a few things I’ve noticed in myself, but a big one that I’m excited about furthering is the progressive switch from individual freedom and action towards more communal freedoms and actions.
It applies to many aspects of our lives, but it’s a notably interesting distinction in the #FLOSS space: people can be proponents of it for very conflicting reasons.

Working on a few changes to Orca.

/ Byte operator will send a single byte value equal to the hexadecimal input.
; Note operator will send a single byte equal to the the octave * 12 + note input.

Button press = orca pattern ✔️
Now I just need to decide how many buttons and what patterns to bake into each. Oh and of course wire it all up *gulp*

"During [the canal's] three centuries it needed virtually no maintenance, it relied on no engines or fuel, no mining, no metals, no chemicals. There was no pollution, the boats could be hand built. ... It did not cause any emissions or erosion, it saved millions of man hours otherwise spent on ... roads. There were no accidents: at walking speed and thirty centimeter depth it was safe enough to have children playing in the middle of it with boats coming and going."

Rekka: Where are our oars?
Me: There, these are our oars!
Rekka: No, those oars are theirs, not our oars

*low-frequency hoot that you can't hear, only feel*

I've been experimenting with a functional-style approach to refactoring some of the code for #Slight. It's working pretty nicely, actually. There's a lot of situations in here where there's multiple versions of the same code with only a few different instructions in each area, and the functional approach really helps handle these cases. #uxn

A language like K, as opposed to APL, is much smaller, and probably better fit for this. the author written reference for K, which assumes familiarity with APL, fits entirely on my screen, and probably yours! it's also a single text file:

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@furiousgreencloud The weather forecast is looking pretty bad for us if we stay in False Creek, we'll have to cut our trip short and head back out today. I'm sorry we won't be able to do school and dinner :(

This Is Not A Place Of Honor, No Clout Can Be Gained Here

After reading the tutorial a few weeks ago, I finally started doing some real #uxn programming today. It's fun! Feels like a fun challenge and fun way to think. That's assembly in general for me, but the postfix notation and stack system make it feel unique.

Working on some basic things now, but I'd like to make a simple game like breakout and/or pong. After that maybe something more original :)

Took some time today to reduce the number of drawing in Noodle, only the purple area is redrawn instead of the entire canvas.

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