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Finally dressed up my profile for spooky season. πŸŽƒ

The trick is to specify and implement a small virtual machine that can be distributed and that allows all user code to efficiently and safely - while still preserving trust invariants - transform data and code in all the ways that out-of-band, oligarchy-controlled compilation and proofing toolchains can.

I'm sure it can be done. But we're rapidly running out of runway before the oligarchy gets to decide what code is and who is allowed to run it.

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With the help of @alderwick, I've started implementing the Console/vector functionality to Left/Noodle/Dexe/Orca/etc.. so files can be automatically opened in from the host OS.

The first version of my 3d wireframe engine Moogle, on the Macintosh classic in THINK Pascal.

I started a jokeβ€”and the whole instanceβ€”started coloringβ€”

Microsoft owns npm, github and typescript. I did not know that, but that explains a lot.

We'll be lucky if we try to buy something and it's not somehow affected by supply chain problems..

We bought the fabric store out of their canvas today.

The achromatic gang is having a blast with avatars. In this Town, we sure know how to party!

convert avatar.png -fuzz 0% -fill 'rgb(255, 128, 0)' -opaque white oraaange.png

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