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@sejo Just got back :( I'm pissed that I missed the workshop, how did it go?

- Build our smol home
- Systematize the design
- Allways have the tools, materials, seeds, etc for the next family that whants to take some land and rewild.

@neauoire Yeah, that would have made this problem dead obvious :P I've written a small syntax plugin for #uxn and #kakoune and I've opened a [PR]( on the Awesome Uxn project

Hey @sejo, I made a little something for your workshop tomorrow. It's a visualizer for Uxn's 3 bitwise logic opcodes. I think that might be helpful for people who are not familiar with that stuff.

One thing that really strikes me about the local activism is how dependent their communications are on US based tech giants.

Parable of the Sower is a book about what happens in the world *checks watch* right now

uxn thoughts 

I wish we (as a community) had benchmarks for performance of uxn on various old hardware. It would be helpful to know, in particular, the performance of sprite drawing & pixel drawing on various platforms.

I think that if we're developing uxn software with old hardware in mind, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense that we're all(?) doing it on super-fast computers made in the last 20 years. It lowers our odds of what we make being able to run on actual old hardware considerably.

Oh look what I got my hands on! Thanks again for the @rek ...komendation (sorry)

I've been WAAAAY overthinking this, but I've designed a little desktop clock that I like.

Нарисовал в noodle, однобитной рисовалке на #uxn которую запилил @neauoire

thinking about Uxn development and assistive technology interfaces

what would it take to make Uxn accessible to people who use screen readers? would it seriously limit what roms people could make?

@neauoire you're making me want my own text editor again!

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