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The nice folks who built our dry toilet's ceramic diverter, are now translating one of our books into Serbian. Funny how things work..

Last time we were walking in Vancouver, we passed shops sometimes and we couldn't tell what the shop was selling, I didn't recognize anything that was on the shelves.. We sort of looked at each other, like "Is this what vaping is?"

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Getting approached by web3 startups, wanting to "collaborate", I usually go check out their websites, repos, whatever I can find. Y'know, to try and keep up with that hip shit.

I have honestly no idea what they do, concretely, it looks like they're selling something, but I can't tell what it is, their website has all sorts options for transferring this and trading that but, I'm not sure what the purpose of any of that stuff is-

Rustic Computing refers to the construction of calculation machines using pre-industrial or even pre-historic technology.

It reveals a history of computing as the pastime of dilettantes, amateur scientists and tabulators who construct machines to manipulate abstract symbols with no practical application. As these machines are generally less efficient than conventional pencil and paper computation, they allude to a more epicurean practice of computing for pleasure rather than production.

My home feed right now is nothing but toots about NFTs, well done everyone, this is definitely the sort of discourse I come on the fedi for.

Does anyone else here watch Kirsten Dirksen’s YouTube channel? Tons of interviews with people carving off a better life from niches society has left.

Most recently for me, this lovely couple living a semi-monastic life filled with “appropriate technology”:

Connected all the menus to our virtual pet game, time to implement rock-paper-scissors.

in today's forum changes:
* quote styling (wow such innovation) thanks @royo
* first version of post timestamps (initial contrib by @icco)
* golang improvements from sigrid & @icco
* reposting bug is fixed (thanks @milofultz for tracking the issue down)
* a book club thread
* other stuff

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I'm aware the forum is down, it's taking a little nap, cool it with the DMs.

Gratitude goes out to my partner Ramona for helping with painting <3

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