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I hope that when people see posts about my old 2DS, other people Palm Pilots, the instinct isn't "I need to go shopping for one of those" but instead is "How can I find more user for what I've already got lying around at home". Show your junk drawers some love ♥


if I were to guess a pattern...

x ^ 3 = x * x * x
x ^ 2 = x * x
x ^ 1 = x
x ^ 0 = x / x
x ^ -1 = x / x / x ?
x ^ -2 = x / x / x / x ??

When people ask why bother with combinatory logic, knowing that it maps so poorly to silicone, to the point of making it quite useless - I think of Thoreau's

“This curious world we inhabit is more wonderful than convenient; more beautiful than it is useful; it is more to be admired and enjoyed than used.”

I got a sewing machine, so I’m getting rid of my computer.

📵 Was without a phone all day for the first time in a long time today. Good and interesting.

Read a nice paper book (revue Tèque) on the commute with the good words of @entreprecariat translated into french, "Liquider l'Utilisateur"

I feel invincible after salvaging a component (optocoupler) from the broken logic board that was in our gas boiler and transplanting it into a computer so I can turn it on remotely. (Details to come in a blog post, once I figure out how to blog.)

It works! It works! Mua ha ha hahaha

I've spend the better part of the past few days thinking about birds manipulating pockets of void, knotting the abyss into numbers and functions:


Going down the "I'll write my own editor" rabbit hole.
Gosh! What a trip :)

More than half of my internet browsing is done through Wayback Machine nowadays and it makes me very sad that all these websites are gone.

pronouncing merveilles to rhyme with gerbils

wrote a teeny little script to pull my listening data and update a "now playing" section in my bio - if you check my profile at any time (right now !!) it'll show what song i'm currently listening to :•D

My proposed talk "Fantasy Filing Systems: Interactive Narratives of the Operating System" was accepted for the Narrascope conference this summer! :)

I'll talk about game systems in file systems, shell, dialog box games, and the like, show example games and systems, and how I integrate this into my undergrad classes.

The conference and talks will be streamed online.

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