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Planted a few dozen sprouted lentils and mung beans on a little islet onto which nothing but short grasses and moss grows.

Curious to see if they'll take. I chose this island so they don't compete with indigenous plants on the coast. I doubt birds would take them out and carry them ashore.

finished reading "The Castaways of Disappointment Island"

Probably the most brutal castaway survival story (a recount of a real shipwreck and the consequent 7-month stay on desolate islands of subantarctic New Zelealand in 1907)


probably preaching to the choir about this but it's really frustrating to come back to old game projects and find out they don't work anymore.

isn't a perfect target for my games but at least it's a manageable one that is unlikely to rot away into nothingness.

A new 🌱 Green Hack 🌿 is published! Please enjoy 'Optimising images for web' by Rekka Bellum ->

🌿 @rek for The Photographers' Gallery's Digital Programme. Since COP26 we've invited photographers and artists to share hacks to lower the environmental impact of their practice.

More Green Hacks here: 🌿

Help each other through the approaching depression.

@amorris @neauoire reminds me of this excellent essay by Illich, “Silence is a Commons” :)

> Silence now ceased to be in the commons; it became a resource for which loudspeakers compete.

The increasing slicing up of time into smaller and smaller pieces, until all one is left with is a nano-second of time, not enough to ever feel informed.

@calutron Just remembered, I'm not sure if you knew, but you can import a tga into Noodle, so you could make a 3d scene, export to tga(monochrome, no RLE compression, top-left alignment) and then paint over it in Noodle.

Just thought I'd point it out :)

Soon enough, someone is using a belt sander.

You sit there like, how the fuck did that happen. And then you walk it back, these guys started their outboat, then it gave the signal to this one to start their gas generator, and so here we are.

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In anchorages, there's this social phenomenon that I haven't given a name to just yet, but it goes like this:

Anchorages are usually quiet places, in which any sound will be noticed by anyone sharing that echoing space. So, if you start your engine, all eyes will be on you. So people tend to be quiet, use their oars to get around.

But you need just one vessel obnoxious enough to use their engine, to raise the volume enough that a second vessel will start their generator, and a third, ..

“I think the shift to the cloud will happen at such a rapid rate, that in just a few years I predict there will be no more code on your local computer.”, GitHub CEO


finally got round hooking up orca to my midi keyboard again,
and i actually recorded this time!


Here's the Neon Kiosk (, an ordinary looking virtual kiosk that distributes HTML Journals ( <3

We sent up our boom tent over the cockpit, and it shields the whole space super well from both rain, and sun.
I'm sitting outside as I am writing this, and it is so, so nice ^____^

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