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We've tested our food preservation/growing/pickling projects to their limits, enough that I am just about SICK AND TIRED of eating sprouts. But it has got us through most of the summer. We have half a jar of pickled cauliflower left.

We've managed to find ourselves accidentally anchored right at the epicenter of superyacht partytown douchebags central palooza, and wow, these people don't give a fuck about anything.

I went down a deep rabbit hole (and I'm still falling). It started out with the idea of trying to compile #Uxntal into LLVM IR (and maybe WASM). Now I've jumped ships mid-course and changed to C as a target; I will probably, out of sheer perverseness, do Fortran as well. So this is decompilation of a stack-based assembly language into a non-stack-based higher-level language.

It's one of these "how hard can it be?" things.

The answer in short is, it's impossible; but there are degrees of approximation, and they are increasingly difficult. So it's a lot of fun.


Since the last video was much too bling, and not enough spreadsheet. Here's some boring modals, boring error windows and other boring things.

I've been learning a LOT these past few days working on this. Building an OS has been one of my all time dream since I've started learning to code.

I wonder if making operating systems is to programmers, what making a MMORPG is to a game designer. That kind of foolish impossible idea that eventually you put in a drawer in your head and forget.

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Released the list of changes to the Hundred Rabbits projects for July.

Today is windy but sunny, Pino is stern-tied to shore, and internet is flaky as fuck.

@neauoire Only 10 KB?! My my! This thing could run on a potato!! 🥔

a beet and a potato are ingredient for:
[1] a pureed soup
[2] an operating system

Our internet is the shittiest it’s ever been. The mastodon interface is practically non existent for me and the timeline just a set of giant emojis lol...
Anyway, just a quick post to say that this is why me and @neauoire may not be replying to messages. (Hope this gets through).

Rekka is on the helm, I'm hacking together a little system inspector to monitor the size of each component of the system.

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Raised the anchor at sunrise, we're our way through the Lewis Channel.

Started working on something like a desktop :maru:

It's nice to pick and choose from all kinds of UX that I've enjoyed over the years.

We're now at 5kb/64kb

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While full background redraw is fine on a raspberry pi, it might be a bit heavy on slower devices so I think I'll use this trick, draw an outline of the drag, and only redraw on release.

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I've been subsisting on freelance illustration for over a decade. In the past six weeks I've had one family member refer to a warehouse job that I had for a couple months as a "real job", and another family member refer to a teaching job that I'll be starting in the fall as a "grown-up job".

What a supportive and empowering culture we have for artists. :|

Dragging windows around makes it feel a bit more real. I love i3's win+click to drag any window under the cursor, so I went with something like that.

You need to press B button the NDS to move the window with the stylus.

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