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I've been going through a sort of nostalgia spell recently in which I listen to some of the music of my teen years, and I'm surprised how much of the lyrics, which I didn't understand at all at the time, have to do with issues that haven't been solved at all and only gotten worse somehow.

There is a young me, somewhen who was on their way to the skatepark, listening to 90s punk lamenting the clear-cutting of old growth in Quebec, and that was just didn't register at all to my teen brain.

for whatever european home owners exist in the town && wider fediverse: remember that you can heat the people and not the space this extremely costly winter

You can still sign up for Thursday's bleeding control class, presented by Philly SRA. It's free!

So, my daughter's middle school history textbook is basically just a capitalism propaganda textbook. Fuck that.

What I imagine when people say open hardware, but it's never that.

One of the things I've been thinking about lately is a desire to make my cooking a bit more... systematic? Sustainable? Less one-off meals, more gathering ingredients that can combine in new ways. What can I grow on a balcony? What's in-season? What's more local, even as a city-dweller? Been leafing through "Japanese Cooking: A Simple Art" by Tsuji, and Andoh's two Japanese cookbooks. Want to apply some of the philosophy a bit more than I have been.

I find myself doing a lot of reading on the computer in the morning over coffee, I normally use Calibre's reader but I'm getting be pretty annoyed at how slow it turns the pages and how some of the type is blurry on the Pinebook.

Figured I might as well make my own, I wanted to have a document viewer on the Playdate anyways.

we're having FennelConf this year on the 12th of November

sign up if you have a #fennel project you want to present! (talks are very chill and don't have to be polished or long or have slides)

or just watch!

Found a critical mass of folks on Galiano island to nerd out about composting toilets and tiny woodstoves with!

Someone on a sailboat near us is playing the Pirate Of The Caribbeans on the accordion and people in the anchorage are clapping their hands to the song.

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