Depuis deux jours, j’ai pas vu les chats. C’est tres froid. J’ai peur.

この本が好き。短いですよ、でも I highly recommend it.

お早う。今日は日本語です。つごく日本語好き、 だから頑張っています。ここにありがとう。

Dios. Estoy muy cansada ahora. Muchos gracias por leer. Mañana toca japonés. (iGracias Jere!) ¡Buenas noches!

Quiero hablar de estas dos gatos que vi cerca mi casa. Uno negro, uno naranja. Ellos esta muy lindos.

Buenos días a todos. Hoy es español. Disculpen por mi mal español.

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一另个东西,我最近用了三个东西学中文:Duolingo, Clozemaster,和 Drops。(Autocorrect 是我的朋友。)





So, if you’re familiar with or natively speak these languages and would like to respond to or correct something I write, I’m perfectly happy with that.

I’m also putting together a list of my favorite solo learner resources that I’ll make public, with the hope that it helps someone just starting out.

Eh, I know it’s probably a bad idea, but I’m learning five or so languages right now. I say “or so” because every now and then I dabble in a couple others out of curiosity.

My main focus is on relearning Mandarin & Latin American Spanish (I studied these formally, and spoke Spanish as a second language when I was very young), Japanese, French, and sometimes Portuguese/Russian.

I’m going to try to write in at least one of these languages publicly at least once a day.

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I decided to take a break from coding and do some generative art for a change... and that's also coding... welp. Anyway - I did a lot of grid structures and now I'm gonna play with rings

I’ve also tried Cinema 4D, and I love it, but it’s too expensive, and C4D is a little too limited and cumbersome. I think what I really liked about C4D is the focus on parametric modeling. And with what little experience I have with Houdini, looks like I might enjoy that (and at a more reasonable indie price) once I get the hang of it. And... I’ve got the time.

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