je regarde un film de coréen sur un homme dans prison. c’est appelé « the prison » .

Ah, un peu triste. Je voudrais regarder un documentaire de francais sur Bjork, mais c’est blocked.

alors j'ai décidé de commencer à étudier le coréen. un petite peu. l’alphabet coréen est très facile, heureusement.

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particles in #godotengine are superb! i just tested the emission of particles via a mesh, and it is really convincing - the time to get how to update the points at each frame and it weill be possible to link them to a moving object :)
#libre #gamedev #creativecoding #physics #3d

après la plage, nous avons mangé de la nourriture japonaise qualité.

je suis en train d'aller à la plage. besoin de cafe. j'ai mal dormi la nuit dernière.

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Okay, so this thing is nearing completion. It's part of a larger project and that's still very much in progress, but I would truly appreciate any and all feedback on this

What does it make you think or feel? What does it remind you of? Do you like it? Does it run okay on your hardware? Do I need to better attend to particular display dimensions? What else do you want to say?

Your feedback would be so greatly appreciated

j’aime l’idée de le spectacle « the returned », mais je pense c’est un peu ennuyeuse et c’est traduit en anglais.

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maintenant, je regarde « le chalet », un spectacle français. c'est très difficile à comprendre. c’est complexe, et il y a beaucoup de personnages.

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:tealheart: I would like to thank the citizens of Merveilles for all of your help with my writing practice! I'm still learning multiple languages simultaneously, but my primary focus at least for the next few months is going to be French, since it's the most difficult for me.

It doesn't mean much, but it still feels good.

So, earlier today, I took and passed an A1 test for French! I'm now A1 certified, haha.

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