Bonjour à toutes et à tous!

I’m neci. An illustrator, animator, autodidact, & developer of small games. I’ve been (kind of) away for a while, rearranging my apt, & figuring out what I’d like to focus on for the next few months. I figured I should take the time to reintroduce myself to all the new citizens. Welcome!

we walk the dirt sea, a universe of ethereal beings, is my primary project. Otherwise, I’m learning languages, music, & real analysis.

Observe: kuuma.

この本が好き。短いですよ、でも I highly recommend it.

For 2D animation, I ultimately decided to stick to animating in Photoshop. After two years (!) of thinking about this off and on, it's obvious I'm not interested in learning new and complicated animation software right now. I was thinking about OpenToonz, and tried it out, but it has extra vector features I don't need and a steep learning curve.

I did, however, decide to upgrade a bit by buying the Animator's Toolbar Pro.

This is fuuma, by the way.


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