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I downloaded GIMP for the first time in years today. It’s looking and feeling much better to use. I don’t think I can get rid of Photoshop just yet though. I’m on an old Mac and pretty much everything open source is unstable or too new for me.

Thanks so much for the responses, this has been really helpful for me. Looks like “poor lakes” takes it!

I’ll use “heart, darkly” for an individual project or series of projects instead.

What name do you like better for game dev?

“poor lakes” or “heart, darkly.” ?

Really stuck on this one.


Je suis regarde un spectacle en français. «La Mante.»


Je besoin d'aller coucher, mais apprendre le français est très intéressant.

今は学生のCINEMA 4Dがいます。



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Les chats mangent leur food. Je suis heureux ce soir.

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