the post is 2 years old; and apple's default music player is still a clown fest

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@nerdypepper I don't remember seeing anyone actually using iTunes not sarcastically. It's like Windows Media Player on windows, I don't think I can recall someone going "lemme put some music on" and launching that thing.

@neauoire @nerdypepper I know a few folks who not only unironically use itunes, but install it on windows as their music player of choice. I don't understand it, but I'm also not gonna judge.

@neauoire @nerdypepper I unironically used iTunes as my main music player on Windows until 2017, because in my experiene it was the best at detecting and managing metadata and cover art. Most other media players are bad at library management or don't have it as a function. e.g. on Linux I have to use separate programs for editing id3 tags.

@aadil @neauoire @nerdypepper for me, iTunes is the best program I’ve tried in order to manage an entire local music library and edit metadata. I mean, I can use cmus regularly and edit metadata with other scripts, but it’s just bundled all together. Also I still use iPods so…

@neauoire @nerdypepper I did it for years (~2006-2013 let’s say?), my studio computer was my Mac at the time, all my music on iTunes, control with “iTunes Remote” on iOS, trippy visualizer fullscreen… perfect for parties, controlling the music and instantly throwing on whatever song someone mentions… it was common in my circle of musician friends cuz we all ran Logic and had Mac setups, had iPods, etc.

@pixouls @nerdypepper CodePerfect95’s recent philosophy (write at the right level of abstraction) prepared me to be receptive to Tonsky’s point here, even though in general I’m very meh about Jonathan Blow’s thesis.

One thing I always think about is because a part of the rant is “so many employees why can’t they get this right?”

Another is Worse Is Better from 1980s (worse=Unix, better=Lisp machine)

@pixouls @nerdypepper Worse is Better helps me see that apps, like organisms, are governed by evolution and don’t have to be objectively better, just have to survive. I see the same bad software as Blow and Tonsky but rather than seeing it portending a collapse of civilization, I derive a lot of satisfaction; software is growing and while a lot of it is bad, overall we’re learning so much.

@LovesTha talks about how we might be centuries away from really understanding how to make software 🙃

@pixouls @nerdypepper if I can go a bit meta—we're talking about this on Mastodon. It took me 16 minutes of searching through JSON-archived toots to find the @LovesTha toots I wanted to invoke 😔 (, does this portend a collapse of civilization? On the one hand, we have a tool that let's us communicate and export our data. On the other hand, it's near-impossible to search that. Progress! (With caveats!)

@pixouls @nerdypepper @LovesTha forgive me for rambling more—this might be helpful here.

Blow is very much a Hacker, even though he Makes games; Tonsky is totally a Poet (his DataScript blew my mind when I used it years ago). It makes sense that this Electron/Language Server Protocol/Docker world makes Hackers and Poets alike cringe.

As a pure Maker, I can maybe see why music players are trash today—these are the least interesting things to be made at Apple/Amazon/MS…?

@22 @pixouls @nerdypepper based on the names I must be on the hacker - maker continuum.

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