>nix and nix-related developers, please, please find some real people and talk to them.

orange site is something else.

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@eris its particularly off putting because this is the first time i got on there in a year or so. hah!

@eris @eris @nerdypepper omg give that man some crystals he'd be perfect for them.
@eris @eris @nerdypepper i was there when that was posted and thought it was the coolest shit at the time. Now I realise how fucking dumb I was to think that.
@eris @eris @nerdypepper That feels like it's gotta be a troll ... but, you never know.

I got banned form HN in February, so fuck em. They're just kept getting weirder and weirder. Lobster's is usually better.

@nerdypepper i went on there for the first time a couple days ago and i feel like it's getting worse? but it's probably always been this bad

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