@nerdypepper looks just like a pristine version of present day New York.

@Akshay can you share some tips, what's your way to do pixelart, which software would you recommend, do you generate something for vintage machines?

@tanakian@ծմակուտ.հայ I am writing my own software to make pixel art in! peppe.rs/posts/SDL2_devlog

As for techniques, I pretty much use basic drawing techniques, 1-point perspective drawing in this case. I do the basic line work first, and then proceed to shading with only a single dither level, and finally accentuate darker details (the windows and the wires). I hope that helps, but I'll probably write down a more detailed rundown on my blog!

@Akshay thank you! i made a note for myself to try to build and use your pixelart editor. (:

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