double century, the result of 5500 kcal and 10 hours of turning the pedals.


woah, congratulations! that's super impressive. what was the most beautiful / exciting / surprising part of the ride?

i was riding along a narrow farm road a few days ago and saw a kestrel hovering above a field; that was the highlight of my ride.


@glyph that's beautiful! do you have a gopro or a similar camera setup to capture moments like that? i am looking to do that myself when i have the money.

as for me, riding past a rural primary school and waving to all the kids there made my day!


aw that sounds like a lovely moment!

i don't currently have a video camera but hopefully some time in the future. i've spent quite a bit lately on new components and bikepacking bags so i can't really justify the expense of a camera.

do you ever do group rides or are you mostly riding solo?

@glyph i try to get my friends to tag along usually, and ride as a group of 3. its a lot safer and a lot more fun. but off-late, i haven't been able to grab anyone. riding solo is just as enjoyable though, you get to choose your pace and breaks.

i would love to have a community hashtag for bike rides! perhaps or :p


that would be rad! i use for bike-related posts but it would be nice to have something specifically for rides. or maybe something like that could include hiking and cycling?

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