joined the merveilles forum today, i love it!

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#NixOS people are serious about testing :flan_ooh:

Their testing automation is impressive! :flan_hearts:

Firefix is tested by opening a page (from valgrind man page), playing some sound, verifying some sound is played, closing a tab, display the developer tools. If anything fail, then the test fails

Openarena (Quake 3 open source reimplementation) is tested by running a server, connecting two players, verifying the clients connect to the server

Minecraft client is tested by running the client in a VM and use OCR to detect if it asks for creating an account

re: Actually valid complaint about rust in Linux 

@nytpu most container types are generic over their allocator (or, are atleast moving towards that). The way forward would be using a custom allocator with fallible methods and respective error handling routines for allocation errors.

@glyph a fellow colemaker! you could try, if you haven't already. that is where i got the hang for colemak. 2 hours is an intense workout.

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Someone please make one.
LoRa, packet HAM, gopher and Gemini over LoRa also please and thank you.
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@glyph i gradually cut down to 34 from a lotus58 too, have fun!

@neauoire the pool noodle finger has got me interested, ill watch this!

@glyph sweet! are you using all 42 keys? or will you be breaking out the pinky columns?

@t36s thanks! for now, i've disabled all internetting capabilities; i haven't found much use for it at the moment, it is terribly slow and limited haha.

unfortunately, my barphone got run over by a bus when i was out on a bike ride. fortunately, i have another barphone, and this thing can display images and load websites.

the old one still works, but the back plate is disfigured.

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@thomasorus i am afraid not. dijo was complex, clunky, and hard to carry around imho. the aim here is to do more with less.

@thomasorus its a little digital journaling method i am putting together!

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