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so I finallymade my bike fixed gear (couple weeks ago) after lots of learning and trial and error. had to get a chain, cut it and install it, remove the old chain, install the fixed gear, balance it right, set it right and change the tube~

but now I'm scared to ride it! I need to get cleared pedals, but waiting for LBS to get the parts

I've ridden once and I do like it, but not sure if it's better than free wheel? gonna try and get one that's the same size so I can swap easily

everybody trust-the-process until they draw an iso projection circle

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fucking home server is wrecked still haven't been able to fix it, mostly because nix is broken in the most esoteric way
can't nixos-install because I use flakes and then when I change config to not flakes, it doesn't update grub....
help appreciated

anyways here's a photo

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Continuing the joke 

Ruby: everything is an object
C: everything is a memory address
sh: everything is a command
Perl: everything is an unreadable regex

i like languages where everything is a "thing":

- lisp: everything is a cons cell
- sql: everything is a table
- haskell: everything is a function
- rust: everything is a borrow-checker error

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okay so just converting the text nodes into half <strong> tags seems to work okay! Going to see if I can tone down the boldness with some injected style, etc.

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another group ride with the lads, can't feel a thing waist down.

did my first metric century and then some,130k with the boys

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Installing an adblocker is the gateway drug into anti-consumerism, which is in turn the gateway drug into anti-capitalism.

Tell all your friends how to install adblockers.

official mastodon app & latest "quit twitter" wave => crescendo for fedi adoption

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tested out the portable pi setup with this solar powered battery pack. at current consumption (about 10 watts) it says i have over 40 hours of use left :) i can fully recharge the battery in about 2 days of good sunlight.
also, i am having fun playing with in during the battery test.

i've been using a GPS logger on my phone to track my biking trips. i got around to exporting and visualizing those GPX tracks today. hopefully this will evolve into a self-hosted strava clone.

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