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# introduction
I make machines to make music.
They're made of silicon and ceramic flakes on the inside, wood and aluminium on the outside.

I like electronics, 3d sound, modular synths, VR, cycling, transcendental meditation, infodiving, anti-gravity racing, strong beer, the white noise of the sea, the grain of wood, and weird plants.

I try and create things with puredata, Eagle, C, html/css/javascript, glsl, and I'm in love with Powershell.

Longing for Singularity.

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@neauoire My favorite story of this is the Budd company - they made railcars that lasted so long they went out of business. When you sell something that lasts eventually you sell the maximum you can.

The need for ever-growing profits incentivizes waste.
what would happen if the speed of light was at walking speed

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Also experimenting with self made laundry detergent. Chestnuts contain saponine which can be extracted by putting them in water. Add a few drops of lavender oil and you're good to go!

screenless :)
finished my note taking app today, took it out for some testing

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I kindda wish USB was never created, that all data transfer was done through audio cables and headphone jacks..

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I want to be done with staying up late catching up on work. I want to be making silly useless beautiful things

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The thought occurred to me yesterday that communication is akin to the cycle of oxygen.

We absorb oxygen, utilize it, output CO2. Plants absorb the CO2, utilize it, output oxygen.

When communicating without restriction we listen, process the ideas we absorb, and output new ideas. Then, the other person absorbs those ideas, processes them, and creates a new output that in turn feeds us.

We need trees, trees need us

We need people, people need us

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Technologist who’s spent a lot of time building interfaces (both pixels and APIs/data formats). Often helping people get around without cars.

Looking to help build & maintain technical and social systems to help society weather the challenges of the next 100 years.

Honored to join this community of makers and explorers, and hope to contribute to the exchange of ideas and inspiration.


We live in a time of wonders. How can we make the most of it?


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The stages of living

1. I enjoy playing
2. I want to play where I fit in
3. I want to fit in where I can make money
4. I want my making money to mean something
5. I will choose meaning over money
6. I seek meaning in what I enjoy
7. I enjoy playing

yay! cleaned it up a bit, starting to make sense :)))
I'll be adding utilities and sound generating functions.

Current blob is here

Will probably move everything in a separate repo eventually

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yay! finally found some time and got my first out, plain ANSI C.
I'm using as OS backend, it's a single header library, supporting a ton of OSes.

here the code, if you're interested, should work right away! No need to link to anything on , link to -ldl -lm -lpthread on

@paul thanks a lot for your invaluable advice, it made all the difference!

I guess my question is "is it possible to build those ideas using just C and one of those libraries?"

Also thought about , not sure it would be the right approach either.

Sorry for the loooooong post :/

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I use , but I feel using a properly compiled language would definitely be a better solution for what I want to do (feel free to prove me wrong here), and also, more portable.

Oh, preferably C, even better Ansi C. If absolutely necessary, I can tolerate C++. I tried the C library, I got a simple clean sine out of it, both on Linux and Win, but I'm not sure it's the best approach to build a more complex system.
I read good things also about the library.

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- generating a 4D waveform, and taking dynamic 3D "slices" of that waveform, much like rotating a tesseract in 4D space and rendering a 3D slice (see

The sequencing and control part is not important, it can better be done via OSC with an external tool, like ORCA or ALV.
I'm interested in the sound-producing core.

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Hello all!
Lately I've been thinking about getting into more heavy .
Looking for suggestions :)

My main driving idea is (and take it with the necessary amount of grains of salt LoL) building one, or more little sound engines, that allow me to do something like (among other ideas);
- modelling an arbitrary polygon mesh, modelling a surface material resonance response, and yeah, varying those factors in realtime while "playing" the solid as a percussion

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