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# introduction
I make machines to make music.
They're made of silicon and ceramic flakes on the inside, wood and aluminium on the outside.

I like electronics, 3d sound, modular synths, VR, cycling, transcendental meditation, infodiving, anti-gravity racing, strong beer, the white noise of the sea, the grain of wood, and weird plants.

I try and create things with puredata, Eagle, C, html/css/javascript, glsl, and I'm in love with Powershell.

Longing for Singularity.

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custom midi mapping on a PS/2 keyboard
Qwerty + Harmonic table = Qwharmo

On today's menu, bytebeat!
All on a cute attiny85 :))

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We are each of us the labyrinth and the lost one

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I disabled Gmail today and installed Fair mail which looks lile everything I want from an email client on my phone. Hoping to degoogle myself next year.

Some experiments with screenless livecoding and bridging the digital and analog realms.
Get in touch if you have questions or just wana talk about this :)

a videogame on the Attiny10. seriously. that thing's got 1k of program flash and 32bytes of ram. how glorious.

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A group for upcycling & re-using electronic parts and the non-commercial & free exchange thereof.


If you post here, use #uptronics as a base tag
& add your city/location to it.

I'll post offers under
- searchable for my locals & enable personal pickups of parts.

You may be more specific & add tags like #offer, #request, #audio, #mainboard, #faders etc.

#Workshops & #tips are very welcome.

*Have fun exchanging in all languages!*


Harmonograph <3, somehow better than
(might try to physical model it in glsl later tho LoL)

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VEMOM Festival is happening today! Subscribe to the youtube channel and don't miss the kickoff at 2pm UK time!

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Collision, scale, lightmapping (with Ministry of Flat uvs) done.

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The online festival I organize is this saturday! @nff is taking part :) More information here:

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Love the aesthetic of this device, but really I have no use for it:

...but, I am happy that more "independent" hardware is being made :)

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