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# introduction
I make machines to make music.
They're made of silicon and ceramic flakes on the inside, wood and aluminium on the outside.

I like electronics, 3d sound, modular synths, VR, cycling, transcendental meditation, infodiving, anti-gravity racing, strong beer, the white noise of the sea, the grain of wood, and weird plants.

I try and create things with puredata, Eagle, C, html/css/javascript, glsl, and I'm in love with Powershell.

Longing for Singularity.

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"To have an undistracted brain to think with and a reliable collection of notes to think in is pretty much all we need. Everything else is just clutter."

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I learned today: adding "&listen=1" to an address enables the sound-only mode, sparing precious bandwidth

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Managed to get alive dependencies installed in a reproducible way on windows! This is great news, it means I will be able to distribute a ready-to-go binary version soon. This should lower barrier-of-entry significantly for Windows users. Installing Lua and Luarocks there is hell, meanwhile on Mac and Linux its just in your package manager...

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ESP32-S2 Samples Show Up

The ESP8266 is about six years old now and the ESP32 is getting more mainstream every day. Unsurprisingly, Espressif is developing even newer product and the ESP32-S2 was in the hands of some beta testers last year. Now it is fi…

Original tweet :

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anyone played with - interactive C coding environment?

also just found out about - single file library for audio playback/capture

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Cuba is sending a several hundred doctors to Italy to help fight with the outbreak

Cuba has sent more doctors overseas for aid since the 1960s than any other country

All while technologically and materially isolated from the world

Solidarity works

Hello merveilles!
I was thinking about doing some little livestreams on my YT channel in the next days, soldering, chitchat and the like, maybe some music as well, but it looks like I need at least 1k subscribers to do so. (I don't have a webcam, so mobile is my only option :/ )
I'm just 22 subs short of 1k, if you feel like you want to support my channel, go and subscribe!
It's over at

"EARN IT" act. What a lame and pretentious name to start with.

US want to hold content providers legally accountable for the contents their users post, PLUS they want to take away end-to-end encryption to the big companies using it (e.g. whatsapp).

I find it deeply disturbing, especially in times like that.
I hope this will will bring people closer to federated and distributed/decentralized networks.
Which is a good thing on its own, btw.

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I tend to forget it's paralysing by design: as clicks, scrolls and reloads generate data and ad revenues, our tech culture encourages screen time and immobility.

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Replaced the Juno60 in Enfer with the Altair 231 & the Aelita :)

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an interesting, detailed look at disease outbreak with simulations. I recommend checking this out:

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my avocados survived the winter
A growing number of "straight edge ops" eschew stimulants in favor of alternate methods, incuding targeted sensory deprivation ("blackouts") or mantra meditation techniques ("OMspace")

How good is that comic?
Gorgeous world building

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Found an IBM KB-9930 collecting dust. Now it's all clean.

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First results from vector autoregression are promising!

I fed it multivariate time series data of energy per octave over 10 octaves (plus DC) (calculated cheaply via Haar wavelets), and out the other end comes simulated multivariate time series data, which when timbre-stamped onto white noise sounds vaguely like the original source if you're in another room and not paying attention.

No speech models or Markov chains, just ordinary least squares autoregression...

Source audio was the BBC Radio 4 drama serial The Archers: (128kbps, around 76mins duration) Experiments with music were less than musical.

Super informative video about epidemics and the math behind them.

Also, I put together a lil graph for Italy and one specific to the Lombardy region, keeping them updated day by day

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