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# introduction
I make machines to make music.
They're made of silicon and ceramic flakes on the inside, wood and aluminium on the outside.

I like electronics, 3d sound, modular synths, VR, cycling, transcendental meditation, infodiving, anti-gravity racing, strong beer, the white noise of the sea, the grain of wood, and weird plants.

I try and create things with puredata, Eagle, C, html/css/javascript, glsl, and I'm in love with Powershell.

Longing for Singularity.

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Collision, scale, lightmapping (with Ministry of Flat uvs) done.

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The online festival I organize is this saturday! @nff is taking part :) More information here:

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Love the aesthetic of this device, but really I have no use for it:

...but, I am happy that more "independent" hardware is being made :)

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Programming is magic, I'll never get over it

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I spent the last few days in a Haskell rabbit hole searching for the shortest way to expand a quadtree grammar.

Here is my best try so far:

If you have any idea how this could be shortened further, please let me know!

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clients for android i have found:

* pocket gopher in f-droid
* diggiedog via aurora store

* deedum via aurora store

i love how fast gopher is! and it looks fine in any of those!
and deedum is okay, although it has a somewhat strange behavior in its address bar

i have no way of testing ios apps, so i'll gladly accept recommendations!

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writing some embedded C, branchless multithreaded, looking good so far, managed to squish in 12 threads on an ATmega32U4, the fat main thread is not in yet, let's hope it holds up :))

refined a bit my .h, now I can write audio just like this :))
and it's valid ANSI C <3

@neauoire @rek is there a way to export SVG in ? I could only use (export), exporting png's, couldn't find an example in the docs

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Amazing! This kind of display can work both in backlit mode AND without back lighting, switching to grayscale and using ambient light, kinda like an e-ink screen

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Created a project on for these 3 little graphical tools. Each tool is less than 750 lines of C89.

Nasu: Character Editor
Moogle: Wireframe Editor
Dotgrid: Vector Editor

working with CSV files is really refreshing, soooo clean

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