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# introduction
I make machines to make music.
They're made of silicon and ceramic flakes on the inside, wood and aluminium on the outside.

I like electronics, 3d sound, modular synths, VR, cycling, transcendental meditation, infodiving, anti-gravity racing, strong beer, the white noise of the sea, the grain of wood, and weird plants.

I try and create things with puredata, Eagle, C, html/css/javascript, glsl, and I'm in love with Powershell.

Longing for Singularity.

Spectral panning via flocking algorithms in a multi-channel sound environment. That's soooo brilliant

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I am a prism through which reality can fracture itself and show distinct patterns

You are too

"It's difficult being an human being today, it's an extreme sport itself"

Sunday morning: finally some simple and tidy raymarching 🤩

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Someone's been making (unofficial) elementary os builds for ARM devices

Apparently these work on the Raspberry Pi

just read the whole CapacitiveSense library for Arduino. Brilliant.
Now I want to rewrite it in vanilla C, AVR 8-Bit friendly, blazing fast and lightweight.
I need professional help.

Idea: a washing machine scriptable in a Racket EDSL, you'd have access to all the washing machine sensors and actuators, and can create your ad-hoc programs.
wash LOL

today I wrote my first working OSC over UDP socket in vanilla C.
It felt great. And exhausting!

Vera Molnar talking about randomness and creativity.
Humans and machines can collaborate, one has something the other has not. Together we can do great things.

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oh wow. scary-interesting

Many transportation systems from flight to automobiles use embedded systems extensively. In automotive systems, this may include anti-lock braking system (ABS), electronic stability control (ESC/ESP), traction control (TCS) and automatic four-wheel drive; aircraft may use inertial guidance systems and GPS receivers.

Love this shit more than modern photorealistic stuff (which I deeply like and respect nonetheless), this one kinda wins in showing some inherent nature of things, a simpler layer just laying beneath all things.

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