hey I'm curious, do you use some form of RSS feed reader?

thanks a lot for all your replies! Didn't expect RSS use to be so widespread :D

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@nff Yep, at first I just used one to keep up with webcomics but over time I started adding blogs and podcasts to it, now if I can figure out a good system for pulling the videos out I’ll be subscribing to youtube channels as well.

@neauoire @nff may I see a screenshot of your view, in your RSS reader? What kind of things do yall see there every day?

@faun @nff Sure, this is what I was just looking at.

It's how I keep up to date with a whole bunch of people who don't use Mastodon.

@neauoire @nff There are only five :<. Are these a highly representative sample of what you see though?

Holyshit "expand my sensorium into underwater" when you're sailing around do you ever see wild stuff down there? Sunken ships, whales, nuclear subs, hypersonic nimitz objects, that sort of thing

@faun @nff This is when I click on any specific feed, this is what it looks like when I open it.

@neauoire @nff [Looks at codinghorror, covers face, overwhelmed with the number of high quality articles] I was supposed to do things today

@neauoire @nff the sad reality is that I'm just going to read two or three and then forget it exists.

There are lots of good blogs but I don't really believe the "subscribe to specific brands who you know" model is The Way, there needs to be a reddit that's designed for people who respect themselves and where brands can be maintained and shared by thousands.

@neauoire @nff social networks also use that model, each of their users is turned into a brand and all of their interactions are influenced by their brandification.

Okay, I guess some people don't use it like that, but my sense is that the more people try to be people rather than brands the less useful it is for finding good, important or interesting content

@nff I use Newsboat pretty much every day.
On occasion I'll use gnus if I'm in the emacs-only mood.

@nff Yes. I use newsboat, which has been a blessing.

@nff Extensively. I use Reeder app on several different devices to access a pair of accounts that I host on a Fresh RSS instance.

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