thinking about a lexical way to think about/express reverse polish notation:
- `2 3 +` >> "2, with 3 MORE"
- `7 4 -` >> "7, with 4 LESS"
- `3 6 *` >> "3, 6 TIMES"
- `8 2 /` >> "8, in 2 PARTS"

Not a great discovery, but helps me think in that frame.

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@tty just implemented it in crow(, it's really nice to write and think that way, feels very natural

@raboof very naaaaais, thanks!

I usually don't read code out loud, nor even silently in my mind (like when reading a book), it's weird. I don't think reading/writing works like that in any other contexts for me.

Interesting to see what effect this will have on my thought process, especially when writing. Works pretty well with a very concise stack-based language, not sure about something more articulated like C, will try.

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