made tofu for the first time! looking back, everytime I made soy milk in the past I was sooo close to unlocking tofu but I had no idea it was right there over the next hill

@cblgh oh wow thanks! If only I could paint like beksinski!!

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Woke up to a dazzling blossom on one of my cacti.

So nice to smell that delicate, familiar fragrance.

Waiting for the time when I too will blossom anew.

Reminder to be patient.

The cycle continues.

Yay! The Cabal Club just released version 7.0.0 of Cabal Desktop (a p2p, offline-first desktop chat app) - now with private messages!

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waxing on the last bits of polish before merging the pr making cabal's client lib browser-compatible

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hi! my entry is in and very much not complete :D But I had a lot of fun so yay!


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