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Bonjour, I'm Michael, a folk living somewhere in germany who is going to study geography in future. The things I mainly do are photography, art, coding and music. I do really love philosophy, learning languages and travelling.

Things I advocate for are: enviromentalism, anti-essentialism, FOSS, libertarian socialism and veganism.

Thanks for all the art and beautiful things you create, I'm really inspired! :)

Scenes from "Enclosure", performance art, in which Philippines born artist Bea Camacho crocheted a cocoon for herself in 11 hours without interruption #womensart


I’m really grateful for the work the Accessibility Scotland team put into their event and again in making the talks accessible online. I wrote this talk especially for the event, because these are the things that keep me awake at night.

Accessible unethical technology:

Well... kind of works. Was really an "experience" of breaking my trackpad and the E-key, burning my fingers and having to reinstall Linux... but hey, at least I got an OSS-BIOS :moar: :moar:

yeah, here we go again
Replaced the USB programmer which died with my Pi, I hope this works

Update: broke off the pin of the pin that was soldered lol. I gave it to another person with more utilities and experience and hope they can resolder the wire to the chip.

I first had to resolder my flasher, because it uses 5v at default whereas most chips in ThinkPads use 3.3v at default. After 15 minutes of soldering everything worked fine!
Now real fun begins.

I have to work with React and Axios API-Requests and it reminds me how much I do hate web development. yikes what the hell is this syntax and the sense behind it I don't like it when applications communicate somewhere into the internet :rake:

Update: I was kind of scared so I decided rather to go to a hackerspace next week and install something that is a trend on this instance 🤔 you may guess what

I think I would deserve bricking my T440p while flashing coreboot, but what should I do else its raining outside?! :cooldog:


Kind of funny that I landed here. At the beginning, I just looked for a text editor and found Left.

“Seventeen dollars for a smartphone sounds like a great deal, especially for people living in poverty who can barely afford rent. But there’s a problem: low-cost smartphones are privacy nightmares.”

I have to do some research for my project. What are the most effective ways to learn a language in your opinion? It seems very different from person to person, but collecting results could help me in my research to find a way that serves many! I would really appreciate it if you're in the mood to give me ideas/inspiration :tealheart:

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