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Bonjour, I'm Michael, a folk living somewhere in germany who is going to study geography in future. The things I mainly do are photography, art, coding and music. I do really love philosophy, learning languages and travelling.

Things I advocate for are: enviromentalism, anti-essentialism, FOSS, libertarian socialism and veganism.

Thanks for all the art and beautiful things you create, I'm really inspired! :)

“Seventeen dollars for a smartphone sounds like a great deal, especially for people living in poverty who can barely afford rent. But there’s a problem: low-cost smartphones are privacy nightmares.”

I have to do some research for my project. What are the most effective ways to learn a language in your opinion? It seems very different from person to person, but collecting results could help me in my research to find a way that serves many! I would really appreciate it if you're in the mood to give me ideas/inspiration :tealheart:

the three words every girl wants to hear 

Does it make sense to redefine the FLOSS-Movement? It it too centered about the FSF and Stallman in general who also brought up some hot takes about Epstein...

Hello! Si vous comprenez le français et que vous souhaitez des recettes ou conseils pour manger végétarien ou vegan. On a enfin mis notre blog en ligne!
J'espère que ça vous plaira, n'hésitez pas si vous avez des retours. Fier de cette étape ! 🔥🔥

Continued making ikasketa (my language learning platform) and started basic layouts and React frontend stuff.

Mentioning of depression 

A couple of statrups came to see me, asking me if I'd be interested in using their services. Right before they'd pitch it I'd interrupt with "Is it designed to be offline first".

That was very effective.

I really like russian.

Does someone have additional free resources for learning grammar and the language in context? :)

Have to write my project Ikasketa in React now... well yeah as much I hate JS and npm and their ludicrous understanding of OSS I'll probably code this thing first but will rewrite it as an offline application in C after grduating, cause reasons. :D

oh man i feel like a techbro meh

Every computer is portable if you're strong enough.

Did you know that you don't need X-Windows for graphics on Linux? Here's a few console programs that can display graphics using the framebuffer:

- fbi
Display and manage images directly from the command line.

- links2
A simple web browser without CSS and JS, can display inline images when switched to graphics mode with the -g param: 'links2 -g'

- mplayer
Play videos straight from the console! Can be a little tricky.

(And yes, I used a 5:4 monitor the screenshots.)

:crt_w_prompt: :blobowo:

A society that sees Elon Musk as a hero and innovator who "will make the world better" by stealing ideas and reuses concepts that are older than him, but forgot almost everything about Norman Borlaug who may saved billions of life, makes me really sad.

if capitalism worked, phones would still have that little loop to hang your charms on

This is ludicrous. My provider is providing private IPs (that means for no obvious reason only... and it is not documented anywhere in their documents or their website! Thus I am not able to host my email and webserver at home but have to pay* for external services at that. God I hate the commercial internet.

*Yeah sure some are free but it doesnt change anything about work exploitation, commerical blah blah, data selling and non-FLOSS software... :(

Okay, after three days of using OpenBSD, I would say it is good enough for my needs - except that Telegram, MuseScore and Eclipse are missing. :(

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