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Bonjour, I'm Michael, a folk living somewhere in germany who is going to study geography in future. The things I mainly do are photography, art, coding and music. I do really love philosophy, learning languages and travelling.

Things I advocate for are: enviromentalism, anti-essentialism, FOSS, libertarian socialism and veganism.

Thanks for all the art and beautiful things you create, I'm really inspired! :)

if capitalism worked, phones would still have that little loop to hang your charms on

This is ludicrous. My provider is providing private IPs (that means for no obvious reason only... and it is not documented anywhere in their documents or their website! Thus I am not able to host my email and webserver at home but have to pay* for external services at that. God I hate the commercial internet.

*Yeah sure some are free but it doesnt change anything about work exploitation, commerical blah blah, data selling and non-FLOSS software... :(

Okay, after three days of using OpenBSD, I would say it is good enough for my needs - except that Telegram, MuseScore and Eclipse are missing. :(

Is there an ecological-friendly alternative to services like which is ideally non-commercial/non-profit?

Getting my T440p tomorrow YEAAAAAAH finally end this era of using macOS and MacBooks wohooo

Veganism as colonialism 

My violin playing does not sound like a dying cat anymore but a cat with nephrolith.

Chaos makes me upset. I'm feeling uncomfortable in my surroundings because I still have so much stuff which I accumulated for like six years and probably thought "yeah this will be useful some day". Uh, I hate this.

working on my new site. wrote (rather modified uh hum) a static site generator purely based on bash, which uses minimal css based on principles of readability and brutalism, as no JavaScript. Does anyone has a recommendation for a dynamic DNS provider except DuckDNS?

oops its not correct on the bottom left sorry not sorry!!

coming up with first mockups on a completely free and opensource/noncommercial language learning platform, yah!

I'm leaving Ireland in 10 hours. I don't want to: I met so many new peoples and friends :(

Language learning platforms are shit

Time to make my own one :cooldog:

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