I wonder how many tasks I will have left in my 2Do when I die. Hopefully 0 😭

And here is last month. Much happier me. I don't know how other people deal with being rejected so many times.

Kind of wish more humans had journals noting down their struggles in life.


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Here is probably the worst month of my life thus far. Can read from day 15 to get a glimpse of how I felt.


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Don't remember the last time I took a real break. Past year has been the biggest hustle of my life. Changed 3 jobs, always underperforming or things needed to be done. 😨

From dropping out of uni to changing 4 jobs in 1 year. It's a tough road to becoming a professional coder.

Hope to relax more and do things for fun and not just to survive. Super thankful for keeping a journal throughout all this. I am sure life will never get this 'bad' as I have perspective.

@dualhammers I only ever get frustrated when my expectations don't map to the situation. But it happens, I usually get rid of frustration by reminding myself that I'm not in any hurry.

I quite like to see commits like this. Just shows how perfected it is to have a system where with a press of a button you commit instantly any changes and update it live.

Having a wiki is the end path for any knowledge seekers.


Finally got to meet with @nikivi !
His Mac setup, and in particular, keybindings are incredible, I couldn't keep up to his workflow, very snappy github.com/nikitavoloboev/dotf
One of the most impressive things is that *any* key can act as a modifier key; never occured to me to do something like that. Need to research how to do that on Linux.

Meanwhile, I struggled to demo many things because I'm halfway switching from spacemacs to doom emacs. A little embarrassing πŸ˜‚

What books are you reading now?

Here are ones I am reading now.

@karlicoss what is that axol tool
you use and mentioned in your recent article?

So, what is personal knowledge management? TLDR, it's a process of organizing your tasks, thoughts and information important to you, so a fairly useful practice.


by @karlicoss

Which camera would you get if budget was not a thing?

@neauoire It's curious how you write your wiki in C and yet distribute apps in Electron which is by far the most inefficient tech to ever come to desktop. Sadly. 😞

Just found out about Nasu, it looks awesome though.

I haven't tried alternative methods for cross platform development though. I guess Electron dev UX is indeed too good to pass up.

I recently started to get more into programming and now just use map data structure for pretty much anything. That and arrays (slices in go). Never had the need for more complex data structures yet.

Curious, as this community has a few people who write code. What are your most used data structures? If you have any? πŸ’»

Starting to utilize my wiki by improving access to it via a workflow. Parsing over 7k links in Go. ✨


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