Also started writing out 'topics I know' page. Hope to think of something more to add to the list.

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I especially love the ''Getting started' section and 'Must read pages'. I think given that my wiki is quite large, it's hard to hook in new readers quickly. I hope this helps that.

I also updated my notes on relationships today, lot's of hard learned lessons in there.

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Been a while since I updated the entrance to my wiki. I kind of love it now. Would love to hear your thoughts. ♥️

Can someone recommend a good sci-fi to watch? (movie or series).

Saw these sci-fi movies already (sorted by my rating).

Thanks 🖤

How can I invite someone to Merveilles? ♥️

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I spent parts of January working on a new kind of search engine. Instead of indexing the unfathomable internet, it focuses on enabling search for neighbourhoods of related websites—webrings, or other kinds of topically similar sites.

The search engine is called Lieu.
Try it out:
See the code:

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This is the project that brought this post on

"Data vacuuming megacorp bullshit? Nah, let's scrape it and make something which actually does what the user wants it to instead"

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Anyone using here? Would love to see it to find some tunes 🎧

Here's mine

Glad I invested into writing as @neauoire once asked to change from 'update' commits. It's a crucial part of my workflow now.

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So happy I am finally making 20$ of my open source things monthly ✨

Took me 3 years to get here. 👨‍💻

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