We are thinking of releasing the new version of Learn Anything on learn-anything.org over current learn-anything.xyz

Which one do you like more?

Moved to London for work. If any want to meet up some time, let me know.

Would love to meet. 🖤

Surprisingly the orange site community had nice things to say about my wiki 🙃


Inspired by all the good work I see here, I just started to work on my wiki/tracker!

I will most likely use a tech stack that I can reuse for work projects, too (Netifly, Nextjs, React, Emotion, Mdx).

No timelines nor estimates for it (I already have plenty of them in my life haha). In the meantime, I'll keep tracking my stuff in Ulysses.

I expect the wiki to be *very* diversified, with entries for design, code, cooking, climbing, etc. No single focus.

Wrote an article on how you can take your mac's keyboard to the next level by programming it with Karabiner. ⌨✨


What do you guys dislike about Twitter? If anything. Just curious.

Anyone here into brewing good coffee? I want to get into it. I want to do Starbucks vanilla lattes because those taste great but over expensive. ☕️

To be more transparent about how we're running things, I wrote a document outlining the server infrastructure and recurring costs of the Merveilles.town instance.

I also wrote a document outlining some possible improvements that can be made on the instance!

Feel free to give them a once-over, if you like, and cheers!
Infrastructure: github.com/merveilles/The-Town
Improvements: github.com/merveilles/The-Town

For some reason the ‘Federated’ tab has few roots for me. I thought it would showcase toots across ALL Mastodon instances. Or am I wrong?

It can only be experienced. I think language is not expressive enough in that all words/phrases are merely what we 'think' they represent. i.e. love means different things to different people depending on how one grew up.

Relevant scene from Waking Life regarding this (youtube.com/watch?v=iDGMS_tjRx).

In this way I want to deeply learn drawing & music. As I think ultimately, we are here on this planet to try express ourselves in any way we can. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Any of you guys had experience with psychedelics / ego death?

It's just I have and there is one question that I still have no answer to. If the ego is an illusion and since supposedly with `ego death` there is still an observer experiencing events. Who is that observer? The universe?

I am not sure I ever had a proper ego death experience but I did read a lot around the topic as it fascinates me a lot. And I am planning to try 5-meo-dmt at some point as I do believe this can't be explained.

@somnius Did you draw your avatar yourself. Looks awesome! I want to get into drawing.

One of my recent obsessions in art has been pour painting. There is amazing subreddit too with many beautiful pours people have made.


I've been thinking of building a digital tool to make these kinds of `natural` looking acrylic paint pours. Anyone know if this is a reasonable thing to want to build? I have a feeling that this little hobby is quite an expensive one given how much paint is needed to just experiment with this. Yet I always wanted to start.

it's really nice to have a local that is like, not garbage

@neauoire @rek My guess would be Japan. Although I never been there.

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