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time, i guess

Hi, I'm Nazar. i'm originally from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

My primary language on the internet is English, though I'm not a native speaker. My mother tongues are Russian and Kyrgyz.

I'm a software developer by day and a lazy ass by night. As if work wasn't enough, I do as a hobby in my spare time too. Sometimes I go outside to shoot people. I think that's called street .

That's it. Thanks for reading. Now move along.

current status: hunting down the bug causing bus errors.

*sighs in c99*

* updates to macos catalina
* in the process of fixing the dev setup
* remembers that can curse fluently in 4 languages

come think of it, gossiping *is* the first decentralised, peer-to-peer communication protocol.

lo fi housewave beats to cook/clean/do laundry to.

with anime girl with hair curlers wearing a robe on cover.

it wouldn't surprise me if the cinematographers will find a way to literally resurrect actors from death so that we could enjoy their groundbreaking performance.

the blog post explaining how i've managed to create a polyglot script (valid in both python and ruby)

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it's available in 4 languages now (english, russian, polish & italian).

check it out here:

pls let me know if you have any other translations in digital form.

english lullaby:
papa's gonna buy you diamonds and shit.

russian lullaby:
don't sleep on your side, or the wolf will drag you to the woods.

damn you adventofcode. tricked me to writing a virtual machine... again.

it was a total emotional rollercoaster, but i did it. everything works fine now (except for the missing keyboard backlighting and the airport connectors which i ripped off accidentally). hope this bastard will serve me well for a couple more years.

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