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time, i guess

Hi, I'm Nazar. i'm originally from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

My primary language on the internet is English, though I'm not a native speaker. My mother tongues are Russian and Kyrgyz.

I'm a software developer by day and a lazy ass by night. As if work wasn't enough, I do as a hobby in my spare time too. Sometimes I go outside to shoot people. I think that's called street .

That's it. Thanks for reading. Now move along.

english lullaby:
papa's gonna buy you diamonds and shit.

russian lullaby:
don't sleep on your side, or the wolf will drag you to the woods.

damn you adventofcode. tricked me to writing a virtual machine... again.

it was a total emotional rollercoaster, but i did it. everything works fine now (except for the missing keyboard backlighting and the airport connectors which i ripped off accidentally). hope this bastard will serve me well for a couple more years.

about to replace the keyboard and the battery on my 5 yo piece of junk. wish me luck.

the ui is now much more polished, and support for 3d luts is one of my features so far.

the upcoming 3 release is a huge improvement for the one and only oss lightroom alternative.

started using meike 35mm f1.7 a couple weeks ago.

manual focus lens are hard to master, but once you do the results are magnificent.

does anyone know what terminal is this? looks like the vt100 series, but I couldn't find the exact model.

here's the image source:

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