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Enzo Mari "Autoprogettazione" license:


(Anyone, except for manufacturers and traders, may use these designs to make them by themselves. The author hopes that this idea will remain in the future and asks that those who buid the furniture, and especially variations of it, send photos to his studio at 10 piazzale Baracca - 20123, Milan).

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I'm moving to Greece in a few months so I'm going to try and ultralearn Greek. As a first step I've created a little tool to help me learn the alphabet. Meet Foni: foni.oraklu.com/

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"... NPM will intervene to make sure that the interests of companies are protected. The open source license that took a political stand is reverted to one that’s loose and company-friendly. The message is clear: keep working for free. Don’t quit: that would be irresponsible. Don’t protest: that’s disruptive. Your power, your control of your work, will disappear if you try to use it."

hei merveilles.town! I'm new to mastodon and I have a dumb question. I see a lot of messages from other town/federation. Is there a way to see only merveilles.town messages?

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nice dataviz introspections between digital self the the internet: calib.ro/di-ii-2018-2019/

it was part of a dataviz course in Italy.

Hi! I'm alberto, 👋 happy to be here. I'm from italy, found this place floating around @neauoire and @joshavanier codes. I am super intrigued by the make-your-own-tool pathway and from b/w aesthetic.
Fist time in mastodon!


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