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Digital Shaman of sorts. Maker.
Work on software, hardware, digital and analogue projects.

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Stumbled upon this wiki about renewable energy while researching stoves, and it's amazing??

3D printed a 2.5" HDD rack for my Raspberry pi Syncthing server.

Built a desk mic stand from an acacia coaster and a custom 3D printed flange.

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Wrote about Solarsails - our solarpunk themecamp.
Bamboo, repurposed junk, solar panels and optimism.

Godot is an incredible engine for making tools. I hope their growth is as vital as blender.
Just followed a tutorials to create a basic text editor.

Another idiotic piece of UX Adobe never bothered to fix:

Where my PSD sits is not where I want to save my pngs.
The last save location in my current session is where I want my shit to go.
"industry grade software"

Got fucking sick of adobe flash player updater nag screen. Flash does nothing but attempt to weasel McAfee malware in every arbitrary update. Why

I generally avoid character work, so pretty happy with this for just an afternoon of work.

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