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Digital Shaman of sorts. Maker.
Work on software, hardware, digital and analogue projects.

Her Merv, have a 2008 macbook pro here, the first gen of their "unibody" design.
Dead battery, no OS. Otherwise fully functional. What would you do with it?

This beautifully summarizes the essence of failure of the schooling system I grew up in.

Software dev hot take

If I pay you for your software and you introduced a regression that I spend hours locating, debugging and reporting, you're liable for my time and expenses.

Because lets look at the business:
I spent hours, my project doesn't get done and I get jack shit, but you get to save money on QA and grow your product.

Open source your shit if you can't be fucked paying QA.

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[stylized vector art from 3d models pdf](
[GitHub - matthiasak/3D-svg-model-viewer: Render objects and polygons in a 3D space with SVG.](
[Zdog · Round, flat, designer-friendly pseudo-3D engine for canvas and SVG](
[3D Wireframes in SVG](
[The Next Dimension: 3D Transformations — Using SVG with CSS3 and HTML5 — Supplementary Material](

I have NEVER seen 3D on the web done this way. SVG poly drawing WHAT?

This would only be an acceptable price, if I could plug in a usb-c monitor/hub and use it as a desktop grade device with keyboard and mouse. Until then, it's a no from me.

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Stumbled upon this wiki about renewable energy while researching stoves, and it's amazing??

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