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Digital Shaman of sorts. Maker.
Work on software, hardware, digital and analogue projects.

I have raytracing cores now.
Blender Optix renders faaaaaast <3

Was able to find all this obscure driver replacement stuff and a partition image to fit a custom recovery in. TWRP is on!
Now to attempt a LineageOS install.

Looking across the internet for a way to root it, so many dead XDA forum posts with dead links to vital software and firmware kernels.
Finally located an insecure kernel that let me get root.
All this stuff will die a slow digital death as fileshares get shut down, old forums get wiped, people once active in the pwn scene move on and abandon their sources.

Found a Samsung Galaxy S2 in an inorganic collection dump on the side of a road. Couldn't just let it die there.
It's fascinating to get a sense of some of the earliest Android UX.
This phone was released in 2011, when user replaceable batteries, physical home buttons and bubble widgets were still a thing.
Stock android GingerBread it shipped with still installed.

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repo is public now! (forgot to switch uh)

I wrote a Blender addon for my Unity workflow.
It fixes object rotations so that in Unity all the transforms are nice and zero all the way down the hierarchy of nested meshes.…

met @faun, spoke in riddles, let colors die and be born, didn't know it was him, but he found out and now I know too.

@neauoire Found it, got the github io url wrong the first time around :)

@neauoire does dotgrid still have a live web version? Can't find a link anywhere

"What will be the soundtrack of your freedom movement?"
- Dr. Cornel West

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