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Digital Shaman of sorts. Maker.
Work on software, hardware, digital and analogue projects.

New apartment, new desk, new keyboard <3

@neauoire Saw these at an opshop in Taupo, thought of you know who!

Had my most epic flight yet. Just looking through the footage, here's a sneak peek.

For New Year, went out with my gf to take pictures of random people celebrating and this is my favorite shot of the night.

Created an Inventory section on my wiki, documenting my functional creative resources and tools I care about. Work in progress.

I'm so stoked with the a6500. I was way overdue for a camera upgrade. Can't help but take photos of stuff :D

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@neauoire @rek always thing of you when I go to my dentist. They're in this marina in a place called Pine Harbor.

I'm now a proud owner of what I think is the most beautiful analogue SLR camera in existence.

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