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Digital Shaman of sorts. Maker.
Work on software, hardware, digital and analogue projects.

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The stages of living

1. I enjoy playing
2. I want to play where I fit in
3. I want to fit in where I can make money
4. I want my making money to mean something
5. I will choose meaning over money
6. I seek meaning in what I enjoy
7. I enjoy playing

Lets make plastic squares, package them in plastic and ship them around the world because woke memes.

Returned from NZ regional burning man. I hear some people say it makes them confront something or step out of their comfort zones.

I felt like I stepped right into what I was looking for and what was right for me.
I stepped into love and gratitude, turned the mind tap off like my friend likes to say "stepped into my power"

To paraphrase my university lecturer of experimental studies "Art is taking an aspect of reality and pointing fingers at it."

Wall Street:
"lets make money making bets on the future of water scarcity on Earth"

The wealthiest betters:
"It's be a shame, if something were to happen to all the water..."

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having to know, and then actually knowing `ffmpeg -i video.mp4 -vcodec h264 -b:v 700k output.mp4` by heart is exactly what's wrong with everything. SMH.

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