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Digital Shaman of sorts. Maker.
Work on software, hardware, digital and analogue projects.

Finally got my ambient skybox generator to output proper unclamped HDR maps! Super stoked!
Once I get a UI up for all the parameters and randomization, it'll be juuiiiiicy!

@somnius is there a way to invite someone to instance? An ex-colleague of mine is an oldschool zxspectrum dev, he'd fit right in :)

Gui isn't functional yet, gota figure out how to do all the color picking, presets, palettes, HDRs and stuff.

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Working on a Ambient Skybox creator tool.
This is the first functional look after 1 day of work.

Welp, the CEO of the company I'm working for has said he's bidding on a tender, for the USA Military.
I guess there goes the whole "social good" lie.

One of my current projects is to dig up old projects, make them screenshottable where possible and document them.

Just uploaded one of such relics. A co-creation with @kor!

This was DK1 days. We have standalone sensorless VR with hand tracking now, how about that.

@neauoire I can't find the album of your noodle inktober drawings for some reason. You don't have search anymore :(

@somnius @neauoire Do we/Should we have a PeerTube instance?

It's literally just checkerboxes, distorted with noises and math.

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I see a trend of getting rid of CSS, going with minimum to no javascript and I'm tempted to try it!

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