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Digital Shaman of sorts. Maker.
Work on software, hardware, digital and analogue projects.

I found the perfect tech EDC accessory for ipad + modern laptops.

A hub that's also an NVME M.2 SSD? That's 3 times fewer things I need to carry with me.

I've quit apple about 7 years ago. Just caved and bought the new ipad pro. Oh how things have changed. Not without problems, but for digital illustration, it's incredible.

My first time brewing Kombucha. Pictured, second fermentation (mandarin infusion)

@neauoire I couldn't find an emulator that would run nespaint on the bottom screen so I can use the stylus, but here's a ピツレ タケ

Finally got this to work. Salvaged from inorganic collection pile.
The folks at Lineage got android 9 to work on this legacy hardware (2011)
It's so tiny!

The world united in their hate and celebrated the death of Joffrey Baratheon as if he was a real life tyrant king overthrown.
Yet where is that enthusiasm and unition out here in the real world where real tyrants are reigning supreme?

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