@nomand I really like the monitor raisers. I'm currently using a book pile for mine :(

@electret Thanks! Yeah, being able to put stuff under them is a must! you must!

@nomand I'm getting a new monitor soon but that's a great idea, I'll make a similar thing once I know the size I need

@xiroux Thanks! On weekends I get to experience the light beams go across my desk for a couple of hours! And it's a warm feeling, compared to flouro office lighting of my job!

@nomand I see I’m not the only one flipping speakers to make them fit under the monitors. 😅

@faun MapMagic terrain generator for Unity. Making some landscapes for a screenshot to promote my skybox asset pack!

@nomand Can I borrow those stones to return alchemy to the world btw

@nihiltarian Thanks! I love my setup. Sad I don't always get the sun. I stained the desktop myself, it's a piece of birch plywood propped up by a warehousing industrial shelf ^_^

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