@neauoire I just realized, you didn't create some lite version of your site, YOU CHANGED IT COMPLETELY :O
you savage! :)

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@nomand yup, rewrote it entirely in C. It's a whole different thing, experimenting with some new ideas.

@neauoire I like the breadcrumb style category navigation. It's a lot more browsable than a list of abstract project titles. At the cost of discovery perhaps? But I'm interested to know what analogue force pushed you in that direction.

@nomand I got super fed up of the mess that javascript has done to the internet, and I wanted no part in it.

@neauoire @nomand I miss the early days, when javascript was used as a toy for making things jiggle on the screen, instead of as a horrifically inefficient content retrieval tool.

@neauoire what's your new paradigm? Used to be client-side dynamic assembly, if now it's static compilation and deployment, does that limit what you can do in the realm of what you already do?

@nomand I'm not quite sure. I m currently looking over my options, but I will re-implement dataviz stuff to the new static site stuff. But I hate that I don't have the REPL tools I had, so I might make a small companion app in the repo that handles this sort of things.

I'm not sure, this is all new territory for me. I just know that I don't want to do any new javascript things.

@neauoire Interesting! I love seeing you do this. In fact I'd say it's the same pattern you've been doing for a while. You go "I don't need this" then continue to redo everything without that thing. You will have solutions that work for you and everyone else will either remain unaffected, or will learn to deal with it, and it'll be valuable learning too, I love it.

@nomand it's a process of "purgation of superflousities" I think it was Saint-Exupery that phrased it like that, I like it.

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