I see a trend of getting rid of CSS, going with minimum to no javascript and I'm tempted to try it!

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@nomand Wait, getting rid of CSS entirely?

I've definitely seen the trend of minimising CSS, but removing it completely?

@nomand With more things like Firefox' Reader Mode and custom CSS injection on the client-side, losing CSS completely does seem appealing, but I feel like a readable website at least needs a few lines of CSS to have some nice defaults
Like limiting line width, setting a larger, more readable font, and increasing line spacing a bit

@gaeel @nomand minimising css, removing js entirely. That’s what I did at least 😎

@electret @nomand Yeah, that's sort of where I'm at
I'm not going full-power minimal CSS, but I want to keep it simple

JS on the other hand, I've removed entirely from any page that isn't explicitely an app or a game

@gaeel @nomand yeah 😊I was quite happy that I could get my newsletter signup page js free but once I make a proper music page it might need js for soundcloud integration

@nomand web browser default display with no CSS is not very good. excessively wide text because many casual users of computers will just maximize all browser windows.

@nomand then reading the web page becomes much more difficult.

@nomand I wouldn't say no CSS, but very minimal.



The later is much much easier to read and has only 7 CSS declarations.

(Oh, and the bastard snuck a google analytics code in there at the bottom)

@nomand @danny I try this approach in my personal blog (some CSS, zero JS): I’m quite happy with it!

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