@nomand wow, could I share as hundred rabbits? This kind of recyclism is totally on brand right now..

@neauoire Give me your merveilles Zoe disk a nd I could take a picture with that workspace for you

@reese_pony @neauoire Somebody else ported mini-vmac to 3ds. I just installed it on my modded one and boot the merveilles hypercard jam system disk

@reese_pony there's a link to github for the emulator in the thread :)

@reese_pony @neauoire any model as long as you're running custom firmware that allows you to install homebrew software on the system

@nomand @neauoire Dude! I just dug up my old DS Lite like hours ago and considered homebrewing it. How did you do that? (and will it work on a lite?)

@johannesg @neauoire Mine is the "new nintendo3ds", one with face-tracked 3D, but can't see why it wouldn't work on the older one.
Modding is quite involved, prepare to spend the whole day getting the right packages and stuff. I did mine years ago.
Start here
and here
and good luck!

@nomand @johannesg @neauoire The DS Lite doesn't have an OS as such, basically just firmware that will boot a GBA or DS cart so you would need a flashcart.

There might be a HyperCard viewer for the original DS but a cursory search didn't turn anything up.

You can get a 3DS pretty cheap these days (and that will run any DS carts you have as well) so if you want to do homebrew that is the way to go.

@drisc @johannesg @neauoire Oh I thought Johannes asked about the 3ds lite. Yeah, plain DS won't work with this.

cc @pcy i know you're more of a dsi and original ds guy but i still felt you should see this

@operand @nomand @pcy It showed up in my timeline too. It is how I will be doing hypercard stuff.

(Mainly because I'm not sure how I could get it working on my 3ds... or my ds xl... maybe my ds xl does work with my flash carts, I have to check.)

Anyway. I'm SO doing this.

@Truck @operand @nomand well, if it's running on a 3DS, I doubt it'd work on a DSi XL, because the 3DS is many times more powerful than the predecessors (multi-100-MHz multicore CPU, several hundered megabytes of RAM, etc., vs 66/133 MHz+4/16 megs, the latter doesn't sound like it's enough to emulate an entire OS)

@pcy @operand @nomand ... but I definately ran this: https://www.gamebrew.org/wiki/DSLinux

Also that photo is most definately a DS Lite (and I also have a DS lite (: )

So I'm ... you know, just going to run it on whatever I can get it to boot easily AND see with my incredibly poor eyeballs (:

@Truck @operand @nomand well, yes, but,

* it uses the SD card or flashcart as 'RAM' for userspace processes because only the kernel fits in main RAM
* it's... very slow

@Truck @operand @nomand also by now I've had a quick look at the source code, and, yep, 3DS only.

@pcy @operand @nomand Yeah, not a big issue - I have one, and I'll just... get a magnifier.

Or hope it works on the DSXL somehow (:

Which I _seem_ to recall I can make work? I... look at later after I do some things I have not managed to get done in 3 days (:

@nomand @neauoire why won’t anyone make that software? obviously not the trademarked and copyrighted hypercard but something as good as hypercard, but foss or actually supported?! it’s been done before that i remember but it was back in #classicmacOS era)

@emory @neauoire Twine is open source and multiplatform. It's as close as it gets and I'd vote it's "just as good" if not better, unless you mean for System7 specifically.

@nomand @emory @neauoire oh thank you 🙇🏻 i missed that part! i'll check
out twine.

@dualhammers At one point I weasled my way into nindendo dev portal, downloaded their tools including custom Unity build, put together a quick tech demo running a YarnSpinner dialogue test, deployed to 3DS without a devikit by using pirating exploit tools to convert my own binary into an executable. I still have it on my handheld :)

@dualhammers @neauoire I still somewhat hope to revisit Unity for 3DS to make a niche piece of curious homebrew.

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