Godot is an incredible engine for making tools. I hope their growth is as vital as blender.
Just followed a tutorials to create a basic text editor.

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@nomand Yes, it's great for tools! I'm using it for my own text editor. What tutorial did you follow? I'm pretty sure I could learn a few things since my code is a mess made of various hacks.

@ice Following this playlist currently! Absolutely new to Godot, but have 10 years of Unity experience. Pretty damn awesome

@nomand Wow, there's even stuff about making a web browser with Godot? This looks pretty cool, I'm used to Godot game tutorials (unsurprisingly, haha) but here the focus on tools is really interesting, thanks for sharing!

@nomand I've also been using Unity for years at work and Godot feels like a breath of fresh air.

@ice In a few years, more jobs and conversations will be around the industry surrounding Godot.
It's as disruptive to the Unity-Unreal duopoly as Blender has been to the Autodesk-Adobe one.

@nomand I hope it will, everything is so proprietary-dependent in the game industry, we really need a truly open ecosystem that is not controlled one way or another by one of the big names.

@nomand Where can I see more tools people have made with Godot?

@jrc03c @nomand Opuscule is made with Godot (and I don't think would have had the skills to make it without Godot, the UI components are really helpful.)

@ice @jrc03c @nomand This is an interesting conversation. How does performance/memory usage compare vs something similar in electron. I'm assuming it wouldn't be as efficient as something in C++ or C, but this might be a good middle ground?

@roelofvk Not sure, I haven’t used Electron a lot and it was ages ago. But yeah, it’s probably a bit better. Godot is a very lightweight engine compared to Unity or Unreal.

@ice @roelofvk Last time I installed Electron, it was a bloated package nightmare.
Of course everything will be faster when written native, but then it's not a question of which tool is better. The question is what's important to you as a creator.

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